Sunday, September 14, 2008

check this brain teaser out

Yes it is in Japanese but the point is to remember the numbers and click on the circles in order from least to greatest!! See if you can beat my score of 24!

Brain Teaser

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well things have been so crazy lately. I'm working 35 (give or take) hours a week and some days I don't get off until 6:00pm. So we don't get home on those nights until about 7, which means by the time we have supper and baths it's the kid's bedtime. Which doesn't leave anytime for fun. So I've been trying several different things the last few weeks. One thing I've done is put baby girl to sleep while J plays on the computer or in his room. Once she is asleep he and I have some one on one time-which I have really enjoyed. But my house is a total disaster. I told my husband we need a maid-because every extra minute I have I am cleaning and you can't even tell I've done anything. I just don't see how working moms get it ALL done!

It would be so much better if we lived closer to the area. I actually do get a lunch break and a few days a week I get off at 1 so if we lived closer I could run home and clean while the kids were at school. Oh well, hopefully soon our house will sell!