Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wow long time

I haven't posted much in a long time.  I actually started a post back on January 1st and just realized a few days ago that it never posted!!  

Oh well. So I will go ahead and post some photos to update you on our year so far. 

December my uncle went to the hospital with congestive heart failure.  After a few days of not being able to get his oxygen levels high enough, the drs decided to put him on a vent-he was not happy with that at all. Anyway, he had many set backs and many struggles. He is now completely off the vent and making great progress.  We are praying he will be able to go home in the next week or so. 

In February I went for my first mammogram. My Dr said my insurance starts paying for it at 35. So I went for my mammogram. I was a little concerned when she took an extra scan on one side.  Then she told me since this was my first I may be called back to get additional scans but that was normal. So that was on Thursday and sure enough on Monday I was called and old to come back on Thursday for additional scans. I was told they saw some grain sized spots they thought we benign but needed to get magnified views.  I was a mess. I prayed and researched for days. I hated I had to wait 3 days to get answers. After praying I felt a peace. I knew regardless of the outcome God would see me through. However on the day of the scan I was literally sick to my stomach.  Thankfully my appointment was at 8 am.  After my scans I was informed the spots were gone!!  Who knows why but I was thankful!!! 


Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

*** I just realized that my New Years post did not publish. So here it is. ****

Thought I'd share a few photos from my New Years Eve with the kids.