Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shopping Spree!

I love shopping-especially since I have lost 48 pounds this past year-trying to lose 2 more by the 3rd so I can make it an even 50!! Anyway, this week I found some great sun dresses at JC Penney on the clearance rack for $9.99 and one for 14.99!! I was so excited. I figured I could wear them early spring and summer-two are black and white and I have a cute little short sleeve mid crop sweater that I can wear over it-so cute!! Anyway--here are some pictures, they are not good quality but you get the idea.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Well I read a blog post the other day on biting, the poster's daughter had been bit for the first time at daycare. I sent her a comment about how our son was in daycare a year before he got his first bite at 15 months-on his last day of daycare. And now that they are both in daycare and have been for the last month they haven't had any bites, nor have I heard anything about bitting going on. Well of course wouldn't you know my baby girl got bit THREE TIMES today!! Before the teacher could get to her the other child bit her three times! My poor baby girls arm was so red, luckily it did not break the skin. I know these things happen so I didn't get upset-but my poor baby has bruises on her arm now :(

Hopefully it won't happen again-but like I said these things do happen.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend getaway

My husband and I went on a small weekend getaway last weekend. We stayed in a cabin at one of the state parks. We throughly enjoyed it although it was much too short. We fished and hung out in the cabin most of the time-after a few trips to town for groceries and such. It was great to get away for the weekend and just relax. I'm sure the kids would have loved it-although it would have been tough keeping baby girl away from the edge of the lake. So maybe next time we will take J, but baby girl will have to stay at home until she gets a little older.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daycare Update!

The kids are doing GREAT!!! J is absolutely loving his new class!! He says the nap is a "little bit" long and not "so so so so so so long" like it was in his previous class. He is doing great with his work-although I wish he would write his own name on his paper. I told him he needed to and he said, "but Mommy, my teacher writes my name on my paper." He is doing well with discipline I think-I just thought to ask about it this week. She has envelopes and they have green, yellow and red papers in them. They start the day off on green if they get in trouble once it goes to yellow and then red-red is BAD!!! J was on yellow one day this week, because he left the room without asking. He was going to the bathroom.

Baby girl is doing well. They told me she wasn't eating her breakfast and I had to confess that I let the kids eat butter cookies on the way to school. So they fuss at me each morning and tell me not to even put her at the table because she won't eat. Well one day this week she did not have cookies on the way to school and still did not eat breakfast. So this morning she had cookies on the way to school!! HAHA. She is doing well taking a nap on her mat! That was a big surprise! I figured it'd take them forever to get her use to laying on the floor on a mat for naptime-but they said she went right to sleep the first day!!

So with the kids doing well mommy is doing well-most of the time. It is such a challenge going from a stay at home mom to a working mom!! On the days I work until 6pm we don't make it home until almost 7pm, then it's dinner and baths and that leaves little to no time for play and relaxing. So I am going to have to work on that. It isn't like I actually "cook" much anymore anyway-I usually just have hot dogs or macaroni and cheese on my late days-but I've got to find more time for play!!

Weight Loss Update

Well things were going well until I started my new job. Kinda hard to stick to Atkins when there is so much yummy candy in my office!! I have gained about 7 pounds in the last two months. My birthday is less than 30 days away and I'd really like to lose another 10 pounds. Of course most of that will be the weight I've gained back in the last 2 months but oh well. I did quit my gym membership-I found one closer to my office that is only $20 a month!! So I do plan on getting by there in the next month and joining it. But in the meantime I hope to get out on the track and do some walking and maybe work up to some running. I'd really like to get back into running-did a lot of running in high school and college and although I was never a fast runner I did enjoy it.

So my goals for the next month: stick to Atkins-which I plan to do until I get to my goal weight. Start walking and work up to a light jog!!! That is about it as far as food and diet go.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day care update!!

On Monday both the kids moved up a room at daycare. J moved to the "3 year old" room and baby girl moved to toddler 1. J has hated going to school and even made up a song last week on the way to school one morning, "I don't want to go to school ever, ever, never, never. I don't want to go to school, no, no, no, no, no, no". Cute Cute! Well yesterday he started his new class with Mrs. Joyce. We had open house last Thursday night and he was able to meet his new teacher, see his new room, and even play with the toys for a bit. So when he got up MOnday morning he said, "mommy, I go to Mrs. Joyce's class today". He still said several times that he did not want to go to school but he wasn't too whiny about it. Well I saw him several times during the day and we'd wave at each other and I'd give him a kiss from time to time and he seemed to be doing well. Same for baby girl. I saw her a couple of times int he lunch room and she didn't cry or fuss when she saw me-she just kinda looked at me with this blank stare like "who are you and why are you looking at me?".

Anyway, yesterday I had to take baby girl to the doctor for her check up. So after my lunch break I went back to the school to get the kids. Got baby girl first because they were already up from nap and then went by J's room-they were just getting up. I got his stuff together and we began to leave. But in the hallway he said, "mommy, maybe I changed my mind, maybe I want to stay". WOW!!!! From not ever, ever, never, never wanting to go to school to wanting to stay!! What a turn around!! Give that Mrs. Joyce a raise!!! So I left him there while I took baby girl to the doctor.

Then this morning on the way to school he made up another song, "I want to go to school, now, now, now!". And usually in the mornings he closes his eyes as we approach the school and fusses when he first sees the school. But this morning he got excited when he saw the school and even said "yay my school".

Mommy is very happy!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Me Time

Whenever I happen to get both kids asleep at the same time and/or find myself at home alone (which is extremely rare!!) I often am torn between what to do with that time. Should I clean the house-since it desperately needs to be cleaned. Do I use that time to nap-since I rarely get more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep myself. Or do I use that for "me" time-to scrapbook, play on the computer, learn to sew or to attempt to complete other various tasks?? so much to do and so little time!!!!

Baby Girl's First Birthday Party

Everything went great, we had a house full of friends and family. Baby girl had on her new outfit, matching bib and matching birthday hat! Just beautiful!! I wish I knew how to sew so I could make things like this for her to wear!! So beautiful. I had bought fabric to make her a pillow case dress-but at the last minute my sister suggested "Mrs. Joyce" could make her an outfit and a hat to match. Little did I know it was going to be so cute or I would have sent several yards of fabric!! The outfit was monogrammed with her name, the hat and bib were monogramed with her name and/or first birthday!!! So cute...

She loved her cake!! She tore into that thing-unlike her big brother. He cried when everyone started singing happy birthday to him on his first birthday-and would not have anything to do with the cake after that.

She got such nice things for her birthday. I want to thank everyone that was able to come and celebrate with us and help make this special day such a success!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Daycare update

Well after three weeks of coming to daycare-J still complains every morning about having to come to school. Once we arrive at school he doesn't cry anymore-which is so wonderful. When I picked him up one day this week he did tell me he had fun at school, so that was a HUGE improvement!! Baby girl is doing well but she is not eating lunch for some reason. I think it is because she is too busy watching the other babies.

So all in all is is going well. In a week they will both move up to the next class. J will be in 3 year old kindergarten and baby girl will move up to the toddler room which means she will be sleeping on a mat-that will be interesting!!