Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sume- our first Akita

Just before my husband and I started dating his family adopted an Akita.  She had come from a breeder and was a show dog. She was very well behaved and very gentle.  When we got married she came along as well.  She was so much fun.  We'd let her out to do her business, we didn't have a fenced in yard, she just roamed our yard and would come back when she was done. She never bothered anyone and we never worried about her. 

We had her for five more years. She was a great companion. 

Recently I found some pictures of her online. She was a Champion show dog. 

Service project

Our AHG troop made tie fleece blankets for the local children's hospital. We did this a few years ago and it was so much fun!  These are so easy to make and so warm!!

I think we had 16 blankets all together!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

40 before 40

I came across this interesting "bucket list" a few years ago.  Someone took time during their birthday to compile s list of things she wanted to compete before her next birthday.  And the number of items reflected her she on her next birthday. So I started my own list.  I believe my first one was "34 before 34". Well here I am 5 years later and my list has changed so much.  Many things I decided to delete from my list, some I actually got around to completing and others I am still hoping to accomplish. All in all it has been fun setting a goal and trying to get it done. 

Since creating a list can be overwhelming year to year I decided to create  a 40 before 40 list, that way I have a few years to compete it!!!! 

I'm still working on that list but be looking for it in the next few days. 

Minecraft Crafts

I'm I found an awesome website for childrens's art ideas. He has tons of videos of all different art projects.  I chose to reproduce his Minecraft figures and the kids at the daycare had a great time making them. My kids even asked me to print some at home for them to make. So today we worked on Minecraft stop motion animation and Minecrsft people. 

Check it out at http://artforkidshub.com 
I cannot wait to try out more of his projects with my kids and my daycare kids!!


So I haven't posted in a while- shocker!!  So here are a few catch up photos.....

I had a great time making many of the Christmas gifts I gave this year.  Here are a few of the gag gifts I gave!! These were all Pinterest ideas and were so much fun putting together. Most of the things I had around the house so I didn't have to spend much money. 

I also made a few other gifts as well. I attempted to get crafty with the sewing machine. I made a few towels and a few shirts. I also made a few candles- these we made in AHG this year and they were so much fun!! You draw a design on tissue paper and then melt it onto a candle. Super cute!! I also made a memorial ornament in honor of my uncle- this idea I got from my sister in law. I also kept this one for myself!!

Here the little kids are setting up their video cameras so they can catch Santa When he makes his delivery!!  They are too cute. 

Santa has delivered the goods!!

A few Christmas morning photos.  

And then New Year's Eve.....