Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Birds

Last year we had a nest under our front porch. Three baby birds, two of which fell from the nest. We have no idea what happened to the third as the baby, male and female bird suddenly disappeared. I don't know if they moved the nest or if the third baby fell and the adults just left. Who knows. I don't even know for sure it was a male and female bird keeping watch. Anyway, this year they are back. They built a little addition to the old nest and now have four baby birds!! Here are a few pictures. I have no idea what kind of birds we have living on the front porch. If you know please leave a comment.
Feeding time, I think this is the female bird?
Mommy bird with wings spread
Daddy standing guard during feeding time (I think this is the male bird)

Here are a few pictures from last years nest.  You can tell the difference in the nest from last year to this year.  The new addition to the top of last years nest is darker than the bottom.  Does it look like the same bird to you??

Here is a picture from last year
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Here is a picture of the nest from last year