Monday, August 31, 2015


I drove to my hometown today for a dentist appointment.  WOW, it changes every time I go. 

Part of my junior high school building was torn down and apartments were built for the college nearby. The other part is still there not sure if the college is using it or not. I do know they are using the band hall. I also went to the college and it's amazing how much it has changed since I graduated 15 years ago. Wow that seems like a lifetime ago. 

Here are the new apartments... 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day Two

I stuck it out another day!!!  I still am taking in too much fat, but I'm keeping my carbs low and protein higher than usual. I'm drinking lots of water/Splenda tea and staying within my calories. 

I had three protein shakes today, grilled chicken for lunch and ate a Walmart deli chicken strip for a snack- leftover from my son's dinner. Not the best choice, but it was protein, although fried... LOL. 

I've been very busy with projects around the house this weekend too. Yesterday unraveling 590 feet of electrical dog fencing, then dug a 70 foot 3 inch deep trench, which turns out was not needed ( a story for another day).

Today after church we had baseball practice, then the grocery store, then put up a drying rack in our laundry room, started repairs on a few holes the dogs have put in our walls, changed the air filters, and planned some activities for our AHG meeting for tomorrow night. Yes, staying busy to keep the munchies away!!

Here is where I got the idea for the drying rack. It's made out of a crib, which I had from when my daughter was younger. All I had to buy was chain and cup hooks. It cost me less than $10. 

I'll post a picture of mine later, right now it's loaded down with clothes. Each time I added an article of clothing I said a silent prayer, that the rack wouldn't come crashing down on my head. LOL. I'm not the best "handy many", I try but things don't always go as I plan. Hopefully this time it'll work!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lunch Time!!

Continuing with my healthy eating here is today's lunch. Baked chicken breast and green beans. 

It's a frozen lemon chicken breast and canned beans. Need a little flavor on the beans but the chicken was really good. 

I've been working on and off in the yard today. We are working in installing an electrical dog fence around the perimeter of our backyard. The dogs have broken thru the fence three times in the last month. 

First off I had to untangle 500 feet of wire. My husband started the task yesterday- what a mess that was. It took me an hour and a half to get it untangled. Now I am working on digging a 3 inch trench all around the fence. Yeah that's a little difficult considering the ground is as solid as a rock right now. So I am currently trying to soak the ground with the water hose. Hopefully it'll soften it up am enough I can dig the trench .....

Time to get serious!!

Most people start diets on Monday, but for me, Saturday is easier. I have two days at home without all the temptations at work. You would think working at a daycare there wouldn't be too many temptations, but there is the candy, the kitchen full of snacks for the week, then the church has Wednesday night dinner with dessert, which I have to walk past several times every Wednesday!! So yes we have plenty of temptations!

My family is planning a cruise next year, what better motivation to lose weight AND get into shape. It's past time. I was an athlete my entire childhood thru college. People that didn't know me then find that hard to believe when they find out. 

I have no problem losing weight. Everything I've ever tried has worked: Weight Watchers, Atkins, the peanut butter diet, Advocare 24 day challenge, slim fast, The 1,000 calorie diet, I even stopped eating bread and potatoes for a month once in high school and lost 20 pounds. The problem is sticking with it.   After a few months I slip back into bad habits. 

I don't know how to stay motivated but I have got to find something that works. Maybe posting here will help, although nobody reads this blog. I have a LOT of weight to lose. I don't think I'll ever truly be happy until I lose it. 

If I go by all the charts I need to lose 150 pounds to be at a healthy weight. That's more than I weighed when I started college!!!   I'd be happy to lose 125, but that is stiil a lot of weight!! 

So to start it off right here is my breakfast for today...

I'm still struggling to find the right balance between low carb, high protein and low fat. I know low carb definitely is the way to go for me but I also don't want to overload on fat like the Atkins diet allows. I also want to eat more "clean". Low carb, low fat and clean on the go takes LOTS of planning ahead. 

So here is to a great start and hopefully a long successful journey!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Special Treat

I told the kids if they did school work for 10 days straight without whining and complaining, I would take them to lunch! Today we finally got to go!!

They picked McAlister's of course.

They have really done well lately with their school work. Jacob has even done work at bedtime so that he can get a jumpstart on the next day's work- so he can play the Xbox earlier of course. Jace is really enjoying math, he did six extra pages of math work today!!  JoAnna is working hard and moving right along with her reading. She has been drawing a lot lately and is getting really good at it. 

All in all we have had a pleasant start to the school year. Hopefully they can keep up the enthusiasm, or at least limit the whining and complaining. 

Circle t-shirt

This has been on my Pinterest to do list for months. I finally got material and tried it last night. 

I made one for myself and one for my daughter.  Imagers was fairly easy, mine I had to rip the seam out and see again because I made it too small. Lol. 

All in all it was an easy project. I got the material for 60% off so that makes it even better. I hade two yards of this and still have enough for JoAnna to try to make one for herself. I think it'll be an easy fun project she can make and wear. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jacob earned his first degree black belt!

Jacob has been taking TaeKwonDo for the last four years. This weekend he earned his first degree black belt!!

We are so proud of him. He completed his patterns with just a minor mistake- he had to redo that pattern. 

He then had to spar two of his classmates and then his instructor. Then he had to break boards. He broke one board with a hammer fist and another board with a "back elbow". Then his instructor wanted him to try breaking two boards with a side kick. He kicked one of the instructors hands on the first try, on the second attempt he barely grazed the board. By this time he was a little frustrated, but third times a charm!  He broke them!!

His cousins were also very proud and had decorated our garage door. His sister was also very proud, she drew a picture of him with his new black belt!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A little creativity

Last night I had Bunco at my house.  I've know for months that I would host Bunco at my house in August, but for some reason I procrastinated. I didn't have a menu planned until the Sunday before bunco. I didn't even do my shopping for groceries and gifts until the morning of bunco!!! Wow! Talk about last minute!!

I have such a hard time with gift ideas these days. I've done crosses, bird houses, wind chimes, candles, baskets, picture frames,  etc. I need some new ideas!!

I usually shop at Hobby Lobby because they have such great deals and always have cute stuff. This time was no different. I actually found a fall colored scarf which was something different.  But I always see things I know I could make at home. But then I wait too long and run out of time. 

However, last week I did start in a project, but of course did not get it completed in time for bunco, but I finished it last night after everyone left!  

It actually turned out better than I had planned because I got some inspiration from items I had seen at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I planned to make a photo board with clips, just a plain board with a few clips. But I saw several yesterday with the burlap on them-CUTE!!  

I think it turned out cute, especially since the only thing I had to buy was the pack of clips. All the other materials I had left over from other projects. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back to School 2015-2016

We started back to school yesterday. It wasn't too terrible. I don't think any of us were too happy about the start of school. We still need to work on getting started earlier, especially since I need to be at work by 1:00.  

We have a very exciting year planned with our homeschool group. Baseball is about to start up for Jacob, AHG is getting started next week for JoAnna, Jacob is about to test for his black belt, not sure what if anything Jace will do this year- he has made it very clear he does not want to play baseball again this year. 

Hopefully I'll update more regularly- but I wouldn't hold your breathe. LOL