Thursday, March 15, 2012

35 BEFORE 35

So this had now become my 35 BEFORE 35 list...since I didn't get everything done on my list..yet again!!! Why is it so hard for me to set goals and actually accomplish them?!?!

--> a 5k (not looking good) a backup camera/backdrop equipment
3. make stepping stones with the kids a studio photo session/trash the dress session
5.go backpacking/kayaking
6.make a camera strap I bought one. Does that count?
7.take my kids camping and canoeing
8. make “MUG” gifts yeah! Made these for Christmas 2011! Potato Soup-Super good something cutesy for my daughter
10.make wall art for the boy's room
11.paint a canvas for the mantel
12.photograph “alphabet” art
13. make a card table playhouse for the kids
14.lose the baby weight
15.organize my art room/closet/kids art closet. (I organized it 3 times-now if it could stay organized)
16. sew a crayon cozy
17. host a Wii party
18.scan old family photos
19.have a garage sell
20.vacation in the mountains for someone else in line
22.find a letterbox/find 100 caches
24.plant an herb garden
25.go to a drive in movie
26.decorate my grandmother's sewing box
27.take my kids fishing. We didn't catch anything...but we are working on that. my own blog banner/tags
29.knit a hooded baby cocoon for portraits
30.finish knitting my daughters scarf to match her hat i made last winter/knit my boy's hats my tatoo - will decide later if I actually get it!! Thanks to I have my tatoo design picked out.....hmmmm. my photography website /register my business name
35. Go on a mothers/ladies only weekend retreat/vacation!!!!

A few odds and ends....

I am so behind on here are a few things I have been working on lately...

Been letting the kids paint a good bit lately...they LOVE it!!

My kids all doing school work quietly at the SAME time!!!

A shamrock I painted with my sister and a good friend. The three of us made up 75% of the class. The other 25% was a 6 year old boy!! BWAHHHA

Here is JoAnna's 100th day of school t shirt. She loved eating all those tootsie rolls. Sure she shared "some" with her friends, but the majority of them found their way into the bottom of her school bag, which she would sneak into her bag every few minutes to get a tootsie roll. That baby girl LOVES candy...just like her Roo (Aunt Marissa)

Here are some Valentine treats we made for the kids teachers...they were a hit..I think anyways.

Here is the chore chart I made last week for the kids. And can I just say...I should have made this MONTHS ago. The first day I had it up Jacob was racing around trying to figure out what chores he could do, how much money he would get and how much of it he would spend at candy shop (every Friday the kids can bring money to spend on junk food at candy shop). This week, the same thing!! He is even helping JoAnna pick chores so she can have money to spend-especially since last week we had a melt down on Friday when she realized she had not done ANY chores and therefore didn't have any money for candy shop. Of course the great and wonderful mother I am -HA- I allowed her to have a dollar and told her she would have to do chores that night to make up for it.

Jacob's First Junior Division Karate Tournament

Now that Jacob is 7, he competes in the junior division karate tournament. They are put into different divisions (not sure how that is decided) and they compete against each other. He was placed in the "patterns" division. There were three competitors. He was awarded 1st place!!! Very excited for him. He works very hard on this patterns and combos (of which I am not sure the difference between the two). The second division he competed in he had to fight another child. They had padded "swords" and shields. They were awarded points for hitting their opponent in the leg or stomach. No points for the head or arms. If they hit at the same time no point was awarded. He and the kid went several rounds, sometimes scoring a point, sometimes not scoring. The score was tied at 1-1, then went 2-1, then tied again at 2-2, but the other kid won 3-2. But I am so proud of Jacob for hanging tough with the kid that appeared to be a few years older. He did great!!!

He should be wearing his Tiger belt (Orange with black stripe) but he lost it the week of the tournament and we have yet to find it :(

Christmas Gifts 2011

Here are a few things I made for Christmas gifts this year. I really wanted to make handmade items for cost reasons and for to add a piece of me to my gift giving this year.

Some treats we made at our annual "baking day". A day we get together with family and friends to make Christmas treats!! I gave these as gifts to the kids teachers.

I LOVED making these little note/picture holders!! These were scrap pieces of wood from my in laws-they recently had their kitchen redone. I just pain
ted, added eye hooks, ribbon and a small clothespin to hold pictures, recipes or notes. Super cute!

Even Jacob got into the homemade gift giving. He painted a canvas for his sister, CC and Nana.

This is melted crayon art the kids did for CC and Papaw. It was super fun and super easy. Wish the writing was cuter...but I am terrible with handwritting!

This is upside down and I am just too lazy to go back and fix it and upload it again. You get the idea. Another frame made with scrap wood. I loved making these too!!!

Mug Gifts!! Something to mark off my 35 before 35 list...which is actually the same list as my 34 before 34. I am terrible at getting things done on my to do list.

LOved making these crosses! They looked GREAT in Saints colors too!! I will surely be making more of these next year and for other gifts.

Nana's Bragboard. I wanted to make something for Nana to hang all her grandchildren's artwork. Especially since her new fridge is stainless steel and is not magnetic. However after it was made and ready...I really think its way too long......

The big cross I cut out at my Uncle's house. The smaller cross and fleur de leis was bought at Hobby Lobby. I spent a weekend at my Uncle & Aunt's house cutting out crosses and scrap wood. With the intent of making MANY of these!! I loved the 3D effect. I only got around to making 2...but plan on making many more!!!

Here is the other one I made!!

Not a Rebel fan but I did like the way this one came together. Super cute for some friends of mine with terrible taste!! LOL!
Yeah I am behind on my posts....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Project

yeah like I really need something else to start...and never finish!!

I found this post on a fellow bloggers site Glow in the Dark Soul. and I fell in LOVE!!! I use to LOVE scrapbooking, but with kids and then going back to work, I just haven't had time. So hopefully this will be a great way to reignite that passion and start documenting the lives of my children. I have ordered some cutesy pages so hopefully that will get me running and I can FINALLY use some of my scrapbooking stash for something other than showcasing dust!!!!!