Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 1 RESULTS ARE IN..........

after one week on Atkins and limiting my diet sodas....I have lost....9 pounds!!! I am so ecstatic!!!! All the hard work, watching what I ate, staying away from the diet sodas, and I only ran once last week and lost 9 pounds!!!

Today was Day2 of Week1 of my C25K training!! It went well but it was harder today than Monday. Maybe because it was later in the day, which meant it was warmer, plus I had not eaten anything yet other than a Slim Fast low carb drink.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 1 Day 1 of C25K (couch to 5k)

I have heard about this program before but recently found a blogger that was doing the program with great success. I haven't been running consistently since I played college soccer-over 11 years ago! I recently started running-I was walking the neighborhood and would run the dead ends-wasn't much running at all but it was a start. Anyways, I started the C25K program today and I did GREAT! No I am not the fastest runner, but I ran all the running intervals. I was so proud of myself. I mean 60 seconds of running doesn't seem that much, but for someone that hasn't exercised much in the last 11 years....I think I did wonderful.

Tomorrow will be one week since I have been on Atkins, although I did have a Newk's Q on Saturday!!! I also had TWO Diet Dr. Peppers Saturday, and have had 2 other diet drinks. However, considering I was drinking 1-3 diet sodas a DAY, 4 in 7 days isn't too bad!! So I am very interested to see what the scale says tomorrow!!!! I have weighed everyday!! YES I AM CRAZY!

So we will have to wait until tomorrow to see the results...........

Today I had the day off work!! YAY ME!! I really needed the down time to get some stuff done around the house and to just get away from work. I haven't had a vacation since maternity leave a year ago.

So today, as you have already read, I...
1. Started the C25K program,
2. Called the roofers, they came out and fixed 2 leaks
3. Went through baby girls clothes and began getting them ready for a garage sale 4. Organized the boys toys-AGAIN
5. Cleaned-a little-didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked
6. Started a project for baby girl's room
7. Ran to Hobby Lobby and Babies R Us for a few needed items-used gift cards! YAY!
8. Laundry-still working on that too
9. Geocaching!! got two today, one was missing-I think

So all in all a very productive day. Tomorrow I am volunteering at my son's school until about 10am, then its more garage sale prep, more creating!!! (hopefully not much more cleaining)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I am back at it. We did a few runs back in January, but haven't done been caching consistently in three years!! We are WAY behind, saw one cacher had found over 4k!!! WOW! I have only found 209. sad sad.

Anyway, I went on a quick run this afternoon while hubby had the kids at the in laws. (I stayed home to clean out the garage and afterwards went for a cache run!) So I realized after I got out and about that my SWAK has not been updated since January, so I figured some of the caches I was hunting may have been archived. Sure enough when I got home and checked one of them had been archived, and one I just came up empty. I am hoping since the cooler weather is getting here we can go on cache runs as a family. One of the challenges is getting kids in and out of carseats, so I will have to search for several within walking distance-which is tough.

Anyway, it was a great day for caching. I am off the next three days and hope to get a bit of caching in each day.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recent Projects and Finds

I found this rounded square chipboard album at Michael's, I have a TON of these chipboard albums in all kinds of shapes. One day I will get around to altering them!! Anyway, so I got this cute baby boy paper and I am working on making a little brag book chipboard album for a family friend that just had a baby boy. I have already applied the paper and painted the edges, now its time for all the little details!!! Pictures to come later!

Here are some CUTE stamps I found in the dollar bin at Michael's!! I am a stamp fanatic!! I just LOVE stamps!! So I just HAD to have these!! I think they will be so cute on cards!!!

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with some cute way to store ALL the spooled ribbon I have. I have SO much ribbon its crazy!! I have been trying to make bows for my daughter so I have been stocking up when its 50% off at HOBBY LOBBY, plus I bought a TON on clearance after Christmas (are you noticing a trend? I cannot resist clearance sales!!) So anyway, here is what I have come up with so far. Once I paint the bases I will cut these rods shorter and sort the ribbon by color, but you get the general idea.

Paint class #2

I am taking a painting class during my lunch break. This was our second class, we supply our own paint, brushes and canvas and provide a donation the the Christmas Village. Its been a fun class so far. This month's "theme" is crosses, so for both classes we have painted crosses. I painted the first one to match my daughters room. This one I just went with some colors, I wasn't really happy with the color combination once I got it on the canvas, but I did enjoy painting. I still have to go back and outline all the shapes once they dry, then I might add some fabric paint for deminsion-we will see. So we will see where this little jewel gets hung-my house? your house??


Today is day 3 on my diet. I am going strong on my Atkins and have only had one diet soda in three days!!!! I really think I was drinking too many sodas, even though they were diet drinks, they were preventing me from losing the weight I needed to lose. So I started on Tuesday. I am anticipating a BIG loss next Tuesday. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

34 before 34

got this idea from ELAINE

34 things I want to accomplish before my 34th birthday.....

34 before 34 a 5k a backup camera backdrop equipment a studio photo shoot
5.go backpacking again
6.go kayaking
7.take my kids camping
8.take my kids canoeing something cutesy for my daughter
10.make wall art for the boy's room
11.paint a canvas for the mantel
12.photograph “alphabet” art
13.“trash the dress” photo shoot
14.lose the baby weight
15.organize my art room
16.organize my art closet the kid's art closet
18.scan old family photos
19.have a garage sell
20.vacation in the mountains for someone else in line
22.find a letterbox
23.find 100 caches
24.plant an herb garden
25.go to a drive in movie
26.decorate my grandmother's sewing box
27.take my kids fishing my own blog banner/tags
29.knit a hooded baby cocoon for portraits
30.finish knitting my daughters scarf to match her hat i made last winter
31.knit my boy's hats happy with myself my tatoo-will decide later if I actually get it!! my photography website

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I went walking/running again this morning. I did fine until I got to the last stretch of running and I punked out. I just couldn't go anymore. I walked the rest of the way. Oh well, at least I got some exercise in today.

I had a GREAT dinner at bunco last night. It was FABULOSO!! Of course none of it was healthy but that's ok, today I am starting off great. Trying to stay away from the diet soft drinks-been drinking my Great Value brand of Crystal Light and stayed away from the carbs at breakfast!! I forgot my low carb wraps so I guess it's turkey dogs for lunch.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jace's First Birthday!!

I have finally gotten around to posting some pictures from my baby boy's first birthday party!!! Actually I am stealing these from my sister's facebook page, I will have to upload mine later. He had such a great time, he was so cute biting into his cake. I remember Jacob's first birthday party he didn't want anything to do with his cake. He also loved getting into his birthday presents, which was too cute!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do we REALLY need this much peanut butter???

A few small projects

Here are a few projects I was able to get done this week. I found these binder clips on clearance for ten cents a box. I have seen them used as picture holders before and thought they'd be cute. I think next I will try modge podging some patterned paper on them and see how they turn out. I think they are cute but don't really care for them standing alone.

The second is an idea I got online (I should really keep up with where I get these ideas so I can give credit where credit is due). I modge podged tissue paper onto glass jars, then cut out the faces in black cardstock and modge podged it. I am still working on a hat for the witch-but I think its well on its way to cuteness!

Walking/Running Day2

I walked/ran 2 miles again today. Second times this week. I did a little more running today. I walk around the block and there are two dead end streets on the circle-they are perfectly spaced. I walk the circle and as I get to the dead ends I run to the end and back. It's still not much running but it is a start.