Friday, June 27, 2008

First tooth

Well while we were getting J's hair cut today I was tickling baby girl in my lap and noticed her first tooth barely peeking through her gums!! It is the top right tooth! I'll have to look back at J's baby book-I think that was his first to come through too. This explains why she was up five times last night before midnight!! So she will be getting a good dose of Tylenol for the next few nights and some night time oral gel!! She fights and squirms everytime I try to get a peek at the took so I doubt there will be any photos of it anytime soon.

Big boy haircut

Well after a weekend full of strangers asking if my beautiful son was a "boy or a girl" I decided it was time to get his hair cut. I still could not part with his long hair so I told her to keep it a little long but to give it a good trim and "lighten" it up a bit. Well I'm not happy with it. The bangs are way to short for my taste and I never really care for that "freshly cut" look on little boys bangs anyway. So for a few weeks I'll have to slick them to the side to avoid that fresh cut look. So here are some pictures of the before and after..


Monday, June 23, 2008

Weigh in day

Well I technically I lost 4 lbs this past week, but that was because I gained about 4 lbs over the weekend. I went to the coast to visit family and totally disregarded the low carb diet. Luckily I was able to get it all off this past week. So I'm not complaining. I am back on track although I did have another brownie this morning. I just cannot resist those Little Debbie brownies!!

I haven't been to the gym in two weeks-but last week we were out of town. So I plan on getting back into the groove this week. Need to burn some extra calories and work off some of my stress. Why am I stressing, you ask?? I have no idea. I just feel overly stressed the last few weeks. I guess we do have a lot of changes going on around here and maybe that is the issue.

I am going back to work, we might possibly have a potential buyer for the house, still trying to potty train the 3.5 year old, a little worried about him going to daycare and being the only kid in his class not potty trained. So I guess I do have a lot going on, but I am normally not one to get all bent out of shape about things and get stressed out. So I gotta work on that.

I went to the store yesterday and tried on some jeans...I am down another size!! I was so excited. But I couldn't find any in my size that were on sale so I didn't buy any. I am not "usually" one to pay $30 for a pair of jeans-especially since I have 40 more pounds to lose. Plus if I stick to the plan I could potentially pull out some of my "skinny" pants in two weeks!! I have a huge bin of pants and shorts that range all the way down to size 6. So once I get down another size or two I don't think I will have to buy any more pants for a while. So I should hold off on buying anything else for a while!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

More pics

I took a few more pics last night of my new hair do! They turned out much better. Although it doesn't appear I am going to be able to keep it up. I talked to my "boss" yesterday and she said I cannot come to work like that. So I guess once it fades I'll have to leave it bleached instead of recoloring. Although....I'll probably color it again for our vacation and just bleach it out before I go back to work. Being told what I can and cannot do, what I can and cannot wear-is sure going to be an adjustment after being a full time mom for two years!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Do!!

I went to Gulf Shores with the kids for a few days. We stayed with my Uncle, Aunt and cousin. Before I left I decided I wanted to color my hair. So I let my cousin and her friend, Charity, dye my hair. I think it turned out really cute. It has faded a bit since I washed it this morning but I still think it looks cute!! There is a small "tail" on the right side but it is hard to see. I'll have to redo that one so it shows up a bit more!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another weigh in

Yeah I lost another four pounds this past week. I've been out of town the last four days so hopefully I haven't gained those 4 pounds back.

I will update more later!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New job

My husband and I have been praying and discussing for a while the possibility of me going back to work. Well after talking with a friend last weekend she indicated they were hiring. So today I will be putting in my application. I hate to put the kids in daycare-but since the job is at the daycare and I will be able to see them everyday and be with them it makes me feel much better. It will be a BIG adjustment for us all. The kids being cared for by someone else during the day, trying to get all the household chores done while working 30 hours a week. It will definitely be a challenge. So wish me luck and I will keep you updated.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Weigh in #4

Well I lost a big whopping one pound this past week. I did cheat a bit here and there but overall I thought I did well. I also started going to the gym last week. I only went twice and only for 30-40 minutes each time. However, I did get there earlier today so I was able to ride the bike for an hour! I wanted to give my arms a little more time to rest before I got back on the machines, since my arms were hurting all weekend after working the machines on Friday.

This brings my total weight loss since September 3rd 2007 to 43 pounds!! I really had hoped to lose more by now but I am still losing so that is good. I really hope the one pound a week does not become a trend. Yes I know that is a "healthy" weight loss but with how restrictive I am being with my diet I really hope to see higher numbers each week. We will see.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dry Drowning

This is very scary although it is very rare it could happen to your child. I have never heard of it before.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Weigh in #3

Well I wasn't as excited this morning as the previous two weigh-ins. Although I still lost 2 lbs I'd like to have seen a bigger loss. I did start going to the gym today. The kids did well. J didn't want to leave when I went to pick him up. And baby girl was asleep when I dropped her off so there were no tears. I'm really afraid she will cry when I drop her off and that will just break my heart. I only rode the bike for about 20 minutes because we got there so late and the day care center was only open for another 30 minutes. Oh well, I will just have to start getting up and moving earlier in the mornings instead of taking my usual nap until 9am.

Anyway, hopefully next week we will see a bigger loss. I do feel much better and clothes are fitting much better. I have yet to wear the dress I bought a few weeks ago-mabye soon.