Friday, February 29, 2008


I found this video tonight of a Nanny mishandling 7 month old twins. This infuriates me! How someone could treat a child in this manner is beyond me. My baby girl is 7 months old and if anyone treated her in this manner... let's just say the police had better lock them up for their own safety if anything else.

This is absolutely ridiculous. There is no excuse for treating any child in that manner. I don't think I'd let this Nanny care for my cats.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weigh In

Well I am excited to say I did lose the 4 pounds I had gained since my vacation, plus two! So I can add another pound to my overall weight loss! That brings my total weight loss since September 3rd to 32 pounds. Not where I wanted to be by now but it is still progress. I still need to work on making changes to my diet. I am having a hard time giving up my morning bowl of cereal. I'm not a morning person and it is so much easier to pour my son and I a bowl of cereal each morning instead of preparing something. Also I need to add exercise to my daily routine. I did get out in the yard and run with my son yesterday and it felt GREAT! I look forward to warmer weather so we can spend more time outside.

Good luck to everyone at Tales from the Scales on their weight loss journey

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tiffany vs Keith

This was a survey on I might get in trouble for this one, but thought it was a cute survey.

1. Who eats more?
Depends on the menu

2. Who said "I love you" first?
He did..I think

3.How long have you been together?:
Married 6 1/2 years 10 years altogether

4. Who sings better?
Me... but only when the radio is really really loud

5. Who's older?:
Keith by 2 years and 9 days

6. Who's smarter?
book smart? Keith, common sense smart? me

7. Who's temper is worse?
Definitely mine

8. Who does the laundry?

9. Who does the dishes?

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?:

11. Who snores?

12. Who's hair is longer?:

13. Who's better with the computer?:

14. Do you have pets?:
two cats-but they go with the house whenever we sell it LOL

15. Who pays the bills?
I pay the few bills that are not set up on auto pay

16. Who cooks dinner?
Me mostly-unless it's grilling. but he likes to cook occasionally also

17. Who drives when you are together?
me-he drives like a grandma

18. Who pays when you go out to dinner?:

19. Who is the most stubborn?

20. Who is the first one to admit when they're wrong?
Me-keith never admits fault

21. Who's parents do you see more?
It's about equal we probably see his parents more often but for shorter periods of time, and we see my parents for a few days at a time but not as frequent (does that make any sense?)

22. Who named your pet?
me-right after a trip to Phoenix---one is named Sedonna and one Kokapelli

23. Who kissed who first?
He probably leaned in first-but I was sure wanting it!!

24. Who asked who out?:
He asked me out

26. Who's more sensitive?
probably me

27. Who's taller?:
Keith by about 4 inches

29. Who has more siblings?
me-i have a brother and a sister, he has a sister

30. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Me-of course!!

Now repost as You Vs Your significant other.... It's kinda fun to think about it and reminisce...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weigh In Day-YIKES!!

Well I weighed in this morning and I am still up 3 pounds! YIKES! With only one more week left in the challenge I had really hoped to be down at least 10 more pounds. Oh well. I just have to readjust my goals.

I have seriously thought about joining a gym for the next month. There is a local gym that you can pay month by month. It will have to come out of my "blow" money but I think I can swing it. Then I can take the kids with me and leave them at the children's center while I workout. I have a Weider machine and a stationary bike but there really isn't a good place to leave either of them out so they will be easy to access but a safe distance away from the kids. So I am not sure what I will do.

Good luck to everyone during this last week of the challenge. I hope I can at least get these three pounds off by next week.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weigh In Day

I still haven't lost the three pounds I gained during my week of vacation. Actually I haven't changed my eating habits either-so I am glad to not have gained any more weight this past week. I am back at it today, making better choices and trying to get my fruits and veggies in each day. Hopefully I will be able to record a loss next week.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am banned ...

...from buying anymore scrapbooking stuff!!!

I went to Wal-mart today and had to take a short stroll through the scrapbooking area. I was estatic to find a Colorbok "Complete Scrapbook Kit-Cute and Carefree" (pastel colors) it had a clearance sticker marked $10!! It comes with an album, keepsake box, 16 patterned papers, 8 solid papers, 2-3D embellishments, chipboard alphas, chipboard accents, vellum sentiments, alpha stickers, phrase stickers, accent stickers, alpha punch outs, frame punch outs and accent punch outs!! Over 1,125 pieces!! I also found a "chipboard bucket" made by colorbok with 1,038 pieces of chipboard-this came in a see through paint bucket-so cute!! I was thrilled at my finds. Then I got up to the checkout counter and the scrapbook kit rang up for $4!!! Can you believe it?? I was so excited!!!

I cannot wait to bust into these!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Easy Dinner

Well tonight was such a quick and easy dinner I thought I'd share it with my Menu Plan Monday bloggers (some of them post pictures of their dinners and include recipes-I've never taken the time to do this myself).

We had garlic roasted chicken with steamed broccoli and red potatoes. It was so very very easy. I bought whole chickens on sale a couple of weeks ago and boiled them and split the chicken up into ziplock freezer bags. So the chicken was already cooked. I defrosted it in the fridge over night and then sprinkled the roasted garlic seasoning into the freezer bag and shook it. Then I placed the chicken into a tinfoil pouch and placed in the oven for 30 minutes at 425 degrees. While the chicken was cooking I sliced red potatoes and broccoli and placed in a Ziplock steam bag. I then sprinkled powdered butter seasoning (intended for popcorn) and basil into the bag. I placed this in the microwave for seven minutes just before the chicken was ready. Everything turned out great...except the broccoli. The broccoli was cooked too long and ended up too soft and it soaked up way too much of the basil seasoning. So next time I'll just put the vegetables in individual steamer bags.

This dinner was super easy and quick and no clean up! You just toss the tin foil and steamer bag when you are done cooking!!

I got this "Tone's" roasted garlic seasoning at Sam's years ago and just LOVE it! It is super easy, especially since I have "texture issues" with sliced peppers and onions (I like the flavor just don't care for the texture).

What a cutie

While going through my piles and piles of kids/baby clothes I came across this outfit that J had when he was a baby. It was sooo cute! So I decided to pull it out for baby girl, even though it is baby blue-it is just so cute! And with it being "baby blue" it can be gender neutral...right? Well she was just too cute! I did put white and pink socks on her-but that didn't stop people from commenting on my "two boys" or "little boy". I know some people really take offense to people confusing the sexes of their children-but not me. J has such beautiful, long hair that people tell me all the time "she" is so beautiful. There are much more "important" things to get bent out of shape about. Anyway, here is a photo of my sweet baby girl in one of her big brother's outfits...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Scrapbooking Goodies

Well I left the kids at home with their daddy this afternoon and went piddling. My first stop was my favorite scrapbook store for some goodies...

I picked up some Prima flowers-just loving flowers these days! Also a "FRIEND" chipboard album by Bo bunny-saw some similar albums online this morning and fell in love-was excited to see them at the store and just had to pick one up to try. Also saw "In Stitch'z" by Bazzill, cute little templates for creating a stitching design-how cute!!! And last a sheet of "flower child" paper by KI memories-more flowers-so lovely!!

..then to my second favorite store, Hobby Lobby for even more goodies...

Picked up some Kaleidoscope die cuts-yes I know these are a bit old and maybe outdated-but I just fell in love with these papers and still have tons of them. Also picked up Bohemia "blossom" die cuts-love love these colors and they will be perfect for the baby girl pages I'm doing!! Found a few packs of sequence on sale-only picked up three packs so I was able to restrain myself there-was hard to do but it had to be done!! Then picked up MORE flowers by Petaloo- in three different colors. Also nabbed some black flowered felt by Queen & Co-have I mentioned I am on a flower kick?! Found metallic sheets-not sure what I'll do with those but I've seen several projects using them so I cannot wait to try my hands with them.

Hopefully I'll get to use some of these items soon. I hope to visit my friend next week-it will be here last week on bedrest-and take some of my new items to show off (and share of course!)

Just goes t show.... baby girl can make any old thing look cute! (my parents are LSU fans and my in-laws are state fans-I am going to be in sooo much trouble with them!) And by the way, I would never buy such an outfit. It was in a bag of clothes someone gave to me.

Baby girl standing up at the train table-she is getting so big!!

The kids taking a nap (they were home with daddy today)

My little man playing trains

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tales from the Scales Weigh In

Well after a week of vacation I knew the scale would not be kind this morning. I gained three pounds this past week-YIKES! I am sure I'll get it off this next week but I sure wanted to drop ten more pounds before the end of the challenge which is only three weeks away. This extra three pounds will probably make that goal unreachable, but we will see.