Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 3 Day 2

It was a little easier today but it was still rough. I hope day 3 is easier...surely it gets easier...right?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 3 Day 1-DONE

Well after two weeks off from running I started week 3 today. It was rough. 90 second run then 90 second walk, followed by a 3 minute run, then walk. Repeat. I only had to do this twice so it wasn't too bad but it was rough. I haven't done any kind of consistent running in 10 years!!! That's insane and shameful!!! I was never a fast runner but I had good stamina.

Friday we weigh in at work to see how all the biggest loser contestants have kept the weight off. I actually gained 10 pounds back but have lost it again. I would have liked to have lost at least another 10 pounds-but oh well. Another FAIL.

I am having surgery in about 3.5 weeks and I hope to lose at least 20lbs before my surgery. Not that its necessary for the surgery but it would be nice. I asked him to do a tummy tuck while he is in there..but it's not going to happen. Oh well.

Well off to work I go!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photoshop Glitch...

I was editing photos last night and look what I found when I was going back thru my photos....

I have NO idea how this happened but I certainly did not intend to cut this photo up.


So Photoshop is suppose to make editing easier...right?? WRONG!!!! There are so many options and I cannot decide which editing techniques I like best-for my "standard" editing. I take my pictures in jpeg but I like to edit them in camera raw. I have downloaded some actions and have used those in photoshop. However, I cannot decide which I like better, editing in photoshop workspace or in camera raw........which photo do you like best???

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sneak Peaks

Here are some pictures I took last weekend. The first few are of a little guy that is now six months old. I have known his daddy's family for YEARS.

For this engagement session I had wanted to shoot downtown, but they had a festival going on right in the middle of where I wanted to shoot. So we decided to try the college down the street, but they just happened to be having homecoming activities that day. So with a quick phone call we were able to shoot at this BEAUTIFUL plantation home!! It was gorgeous!!!

And finally here are some pictures of my babies. We went yesterday downtown and were able to take some shots in an area I've been wanting to try for months. Everytime I'd go they were having a festival, come to find out they had one every other weekend all summer-LOL>

There is a cute courtyard downtown that is wedged between two buildings and small trees overhang the entire courtyard. There is a sign that reads "Make a Wish" and people have tied slips of paper with their wishes onto the branches or tucked them behind the string of lights. VERY CUTE!!! My kids of course pulled a few down while I was not looking. So I explained what they were and why they were hung in the tree. I also read them to them....cute cute.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finds of the DAY!!!

A friend of mine had an old window pane hung on her wall with 6 pictures matted inside. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! So finally today on my day off I decided to go out and get me a few. I headed downtown but all I could find was the antique market-bust. So I decided to take about an hour drive down the highway because I've always seen these flea markets and wanted to stop. I had big hopes of finding my window panes-another bust. But I still found several goodies. I found several benches and an old camera-most of the stuff was 50% off-which was awesome!!! The second one was huge and even though I found several cute things, it just wasn't what I was looking.

Anyway while I was out and about I had posted a status on Facebook that I was looking for window panes. Luckily someone posted telling me EXACTLY where to find them-which was near the Antique Mall I had been at earlier in the day. So of course I made a mad dash to get there and JACKPOT!! They have so much cute old stuff!!! I wish I had found it earlier-I would have bought more window panes!!!

So here are my flea market finds...

I also found this CUTE camera!! I think it'll be a great prop for children's photos!! A Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash camera!!

Here are my finds from The Old Home Depot

Thursday, October 14, 2010

WOW!!! What a day!!

I started off the day with my son's kindergarten class at the Pumpkin Patch. We had a great time!! I took my new camera (which I actually haven't paid for yet) and took lots of great pictures....I think. Apparently the camera was set to take pictures in camera raw and I have never taken pictures in that format before. It takes a LONG time to upload the pictures so I haven't had a chance to even look at them yet. However, we had a great time.

Afterwards I took my son home and headed to the Canton Flea Market. Its a huge market held twice a year. If I had parked a little closer or had a buggy I probably would have bought a few more things. I ended up buying a rustic frame...there were others there that I LOVED but they were about $95 and I just can't pay that price for frames. But they had three layers and were BEAUTIFUL. The one I ended up buying was about half that price but only one layer and one color. Still cute but not gorgeous. The other thing I bought was an old window pane----which I am in LOVE with old window panes right now. This one is painted a lime green and the panes are made into dry erase boards. I think I may still use it like a picture frame and just center the photos in the middle of each rectangle and make the dry erase board appear to be a white mat. We will see how it goes!!!

Nothing like the Canton flea market to get you inspired!!!! I finally glued these birds to these candlestick holders. And finished my first ceiling tile. I am painting these for one of the K4 teachers. She gives these every year as Christmas gifts to her students. I will attempt putting their names on later. 1 down...... 15 to go...LOL. I LOVE it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I visited "Make it and LOve it" to find all these cute projects her readers have done. They have recreated some of her projects...and I hope to get busy this weekend making some of them!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cleaning Out

So tonight as I was cleaning out some old paperwork, I stumbled across my original 34before34 to do list. I only had 21 items on the list, and only 7 of them are on my published list. As I look over the list, several things are projects I want to make, such as...

1. make a cardtable playhouse
2. make a "HOPE" sign like the one at Hobby Lobby
3. make "MUG" gifts
4. make stepping stones with the kids
5. make caramel popcorn with the kids
6. sew a baby pouch
7. make a camera strap
8. sew a crayon cozy
9. make vinyl art with my cricut
10. make beaded bookmarks

the other two items on my original list are...

1. register my business name
2. host a Wii party

What to do, what to do. Should I revise my list to include some of these things I would like to get done??? Most of them are projects I want to complete, I could add them to my "projects ToDo" list. hmmmm....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day in the Country

Here are a few pictures of my kids, nieces and nephews from our "Day in the Country".


Sunday, October 3, 2010


I stayed up very late tonight getting SEVERAL projects done!!! As you will quickly see I got all of these ideas from Ashley at Make It And Love It. She has some GREAT ideas and AWESOME tutorials. Even someone like me that doesn't sew was able to whip these up!!!!

First I made this sippy cup leash, that I saw at Make It and Love It. I think it turned out great and I will surely be making lots more for Christmas gifts. This will be great in the car, shopping and just about anywhere we go!!!

Then I finished this project from Make It and Love It, that i started last week for my daughter's room.

Then I took one of my old shirts and turned it into a dress for my daughter. I have been wanting to try this one for a LONG time. I have several sweaters saved that I want to try this with. I think it turned out great, especially since I have only sewed a few things in my LIFE!! This was my first time to cut and sew sleeves. I think they turned out cute..can't wait for her to try it on tomorrow!!!! I also made her a headband, you can see the tutorial here which is ALSO from Make It and Love It!!!

I still have a lot of work to do in my CRAFT ROOM to get it organized and "operational". So that I am not having to move big loads of stuff from one table to the other just to have work space. I am really ENJOYING my time in my art/craft room! Its a stress relief for me and I have REALLY missed it. So hopefully there will be more coming soon!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Personalized Art

I searched and searched for this blog post at LIL BLUE BOO. I knew it was on one of the blogs I visit regularly but could not remember which one. I bought some boards today with this project in mind. We will see how it goes....

October 10th 2010
Well I tried one of was a bust......