Sunday, July 19, 2009

30 day menu plan

OK, before I started back to work I was pretty good about planning my menu. Not that I always followed thru each week but I at least cooked meals more often than I do now. So when I stumbled upon this GREAT BLOG about organizing 30 meals that your family will eat, I decided it was time to kick it in high gear and get back to my menu planning.

So I pulled out my 5 week menu plan/ingredient list that I put together MONTHS ago and decided I would try to follow it again. With me working now and the baby on the way, it just makes sense to plan better and have ingredients on hand for a healthy quick meal. So this week I plan to take my menu plan/ingredient list a step further and try putting my ingredients in a spreadsheet like the blogger mentioned above. Therefore I can grab my list and make my trip to the grocery store, OR I can hand it to anyone else to make the trip for me!!! We will see how it goes.

So tonight I am off to the grocery store to buy the first weeks worth of ingredients and hope to implement my menu plan this week. Works great since my mom will be in town this week helping me get ready for the baby-so I can actually have stuff on hand and ready to cook a decent dinner for her!!