Monday, November 17, 2008

School Photos

The kids are enjoying school these days. They both are doing so well and adjusting so well. I can see both of them in the hallway or lunch room and give them a hug or blow them a kiss and they do fine-no more tears! Sometimes if I get to close to baby girl she will start to cry-so I try to keep my distance which an be difficult at times since I walk by her class several times a day. But here are a few pics of the kids at school. Enjoy!

deer photos

Well as most of you know we recently sold our house and have moved into a new house. Well one afternoon while visiting a few open houses a friend and I stumbled upon a beautiful house-just down the street from our new neighborhood. The house was beautiful and the view out the back was beautiful. Unfortunately not only was it most likely out of our price range but the back yard was just WAY too small for us. But luckily I had my camera with me and snapped a few pictures from the driveway overlooking the backyard. Here is what we saw that day...

Now that would have been awesome to wake up to that sight every morning. But like I said it isn't too far from our neighborhood so maybe those guys will grace us with their presence from time to time. My dad has already seen one on the main street leading to our neighborhood!

Recycled crayons

Well I am a recycling nut!! I am so bad about keeping anything and everything thinking there must be another purpose for it or some way to reuse or recycle it. Problem is I am not creative enough to think of things on my own. But here is a supper great idea I found at this cute little website Chica and Jo. Very cute idea!

Now they took it a few steps further than I did. I simply peeled crayons and then broke them into pieces and placed them in small circle muffin pans. Then melted them in the oven and placed them in the freezer for a few hours. I sorted mine by color-but next I might try the multi-colored ones shown on this website. I'll also have to check out the dollar stores and clearance racks for cute little shaped trays.

Here are my crayons about broken and peeled..

and here is the finish product...

Yes the peeling of the crayons took some time-but I work at a daycare so playing with crayons kinds fits into my job description!!! Very fun project that will probably result in some very cute gift ideas for my kids daycare classes this year! I better get busy melting crayons!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


As most of you know our home has been on the market for 2 long years!! Finally we have sold our home. We actually have closed on it and moved out. We are now in limbo waiting to close on our new home. Luckily the current owners allowed us to move our stuff into the garage since we plan to close on Tuesday. We are moving to a smaller home but at least it will be one level and hopefully easier to manage. The back yard is still a good size but still manageable. We look forward to getting settled into our new home and community and so gratefull for all the thoughts and prayers during this time.