Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bridal Session

I can finally post some pictures from a recent bridal session!!! I am actually working on the ceremony shots as I type (I have photoshop batch processiong!! love it!!). So I figured I might as well post some pics to my blog while I wait!!!

This was a GREAT day for bridal shots!! Wasn't too warm or too chilly!! Perfect temps and a beautiful bride just made the day FANTASTICO!!!! I love bridal sessions....young love...can't beat it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

34 before 34, revised

I made a "to do" list, "34 before 34". I lost my original list and started another. AFter publishing my post I found my original list. So I have modified my list to include some of the items I had on the original list. I have a LONG way to go, but I have made some progress.

--> a 5k (not looking good) a backup camera/backdrop equipment
3. make stepping stones with the kids a studio photo session/trash the dress session
5.go backpacking/kayaking
6.make a camera strap
7.take my kids camping and canoeing
8. make “MUG” gifts something cutesy for my daughter
10.make wall art for the boy's room
11.paint a canvas for the mantel
12.photograph “alphabet” art
13. make a card table playhouse for the kids
14.lose the baby weight
15.organize my art room/closet/kids art closet
16. sew a crayon cozy
17. host a Wii party
18.scan old family photos
19.have a garage sell
20.vacation in the mountains for someone else in line
22.find a letterbox/find 100 caches
24.plant an herb garden
25.go to a drive in movie
26.decorate my grandmother's sewing box
27.take my kids fishing my own blog banner/tags
29.knit a hooded baby cocoon for portraits
30.finish knitting my daughters scarf to match her hat i made last winter/knit my boy's hats my tatoo - will decide later if I actually get it!! my photography website /register my business name

Mardi Gras-MS style

the kids and I went to my parents for the weekend and went to the Mardi Gras parade in their area. The two older kids had gone the weekend prior and RACKED up on the goods. I think this was Jace's first year for the parades...I don't remember if we took him last year. The kids had a great time. They really got into the parade, they enjoyed catching the goods and dancing. Jace kept wanting to throw the beads back-he is really into throwing stuff these days!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Our Kroger deals run from Wednesday thru Wednesday. So doing my shopping on Tuesday night I was able to take advantage of the normal weekly sales PLUS the sales that don't officially start until TOMORROW!!!! One disadvantage was only the express self checkout lanes were open at 10:00pm.

My total bill tonight was 137.79!!! Total paid......
65.05!!!! I had 3, $3 off coupons from my grocer trip last week. They are running a special promotion, for every 10 participating items you automatically get $3 off your purchase PLUS you get a $3 coupon off your next purchase. What I didn't know is you can only use one per purchase. So I went loaded with my 3 coupons from last week but could only use 1-but I still came out saving more than I spent!!! Plus I got 3 more!!!!

Ok so here is a quick run of what I purchased:

2 boxes of chex mix breakfast bars
2 cinnamon toast crunch cereal
14 chef boyardee-diff varieties
3 cinamon cheerios
2 yoplait yogurt
4 gogurt
1 sprite zero
5 trix creal
2 tyson frozen chicken nuggets
4 boxes of keebler crackers
6 boxes of betty crocker fruit flavored snacks (gummies)
2 boxes of little debbie oatmeal cream pies
gallon of milk (4.00!! YIKES)


Expecting Twins!!!!

I had the opportunity to do a maternity session with a mom that is expecting TWIN boys!!!!!
She is six months pregnant and just adorable!!!!