Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (on Wed)

OK again I am a little late posting but I did have my menu planned out for the week-although we haven't followed it yet. We decided to pop in a frozen pizza Monday night. Tuesday night I joined the ladies for Bunco-so DH ate some leftovers from the weekend. But we will get right back on track tonight-for two days only and then I'll be leaving with the kids Friday to go out of town. Oh well all that hard work planning just goes to waste this week, but we'll have a few menus to carry over next week.

I am planning on trying some recipes from a Weight Watchers cookbook this next month. I want to try a few a week starting next week! Can't wait-some new things to try.

On the weight loss journey: I have lost another pound. That is one pound this week and a total of seven pounds in 3.5 weeks. Six pounds the first week a big fat zero for weeks two and three-how is that? Oh well-just gotta keep at it. I think I can still make my goal of being at my "pre-pregnancies" weight before Christmas (that is the weight before I got pregnant with our first child). That is 33 pounds to go-YIKES. That will be pushing it but we will see how low we can go!!

Hope everyone has a great week. Here are our menu's for the next two days:

Wednesday: Terriyaki pork loin
Thursday: Poppy Seed Chicken-frozen

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What will he do next?

I have mentioned several things that J has done to his baby sister: crawled into the pack and play with her, covered her face with burp clothes... Well today I was on the computer and he was in the living room eating lunch. He came and laid on the floor under my chair and was saying something about his "baby sister". So I ran into the living room to check on her...and this is how I found her...
....J had smeared ketchup all over her face.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Menu Plan Monday 9/17

OK I am a day late but I did have the menu planned just didn't get it online yesterday. Also while visiting my parents this weekend I borrowed a WW cookbook "5 Ingredient 15 Minute Cookbook" and I have found some great recipes!! Every recipe has five ingredients or less and takes about fifteen minutes to prepare. So I went through the book and tagged my favorites-ended up with a months worth of new recipes!!! I cannot wait to try them. But since I was out of town this weekend and had already done my grocery shopping for this weeks menu I'll have to wait until next week.

I weighed in this morning-not pretty. I did so great the first week losing six pounds-now I am up one. Maybe it's just too early in the morning to weigh-I'm sure if I waited until after I nursed a few times I may be down one pound-but that still means I didn't lose any weight last week. How frustrating is that!?!?! I am still staying under 2000 calories and still didn't lose any weight last week...argh! I am definately not going to meet my first goal of losing that baby weight before September 19th. I am still ten pounds away. Oh well. Here is to stepping it up and trying to add exercise into my daily routine.

I made some low-fat brownies this weekend and brought them home. I could see a potential problem: I was cleaning yesterday after we got home (you know leaving DH home alone for 4 days can get really messy)each time I went into the kitchen I had to grab a piece of brownie. So I took some advice from the WW book. I bagged each brownie into individual snack sized ziplock bags and placed them in the freezer. That way I have to set them out to defrost before I eat them.

Monday: Usually salads but we opted to eat out-Corky's BBQ!
Tuesday: Shredded beef tacos (freezer meal), salad, chili beans
Wednesday: Broccoli Soup (frozen)
Thursday: Lemon-Lime Chicken, cauliflower, corn
Friday: Roast, carrots, salad

Monday, September 10, 2007

Menu Plan Monday 9/10

Well last weeks menus were great. I tried broccoli soup for the first time and it turned out pretty good. Although I added much more cheese than the recipe called for it was great. I think I'll try a new soup each week-although my husband doesn't like soup. I pulled out my "Fix it and Forget It-Lightly" cookbook and I hope to try some new recipes each week.

I also did great sticking to my diet last week- I lost 6 pounds!! I ate about 1700 calories each day which is well within the recommended range for nursing mothers. I need to work on my water intake and make sure I drink enough each day.

So here is our menu for the week and here is to hoping for another weight loss this week!

Monday Tacos
Tuesday Salad
Wednesday Chicken and Rice
Thursday Spaghetti-from the freezer
Friday Baked Ziti-from the freezer

Weight Loss

Well I made it through the first week! I've been averaging about 1700 calories a day-although I didn't keep up with it Sunday because I had so much junk food I was afraid to. But I lost 6 pounds in the first week!!! I am know that won't continue but it is such great motivation to lose that much to start off with. I know I would have done better if I had kept up with my water intake and done some exercising. But that will come-still need to get use to my new routine.

Biggest Loser starts tomorrow so I am sure that will keep me motivated. I am also looking forward to some cooler weather so I can get these kiddos out a bit. I think J and I are both getting a little cabin fever. Although we have been getting out of the house here and there we are both use to being on the go a good bit of the week.

So here is to another week of making healthy eating choices and developing healthy eating patterns in my kids and of course losing weight!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Slow Start

I've been keeping up with my food intake on Calorie Count Plus and it is apparent that I need to work on my food choices. Overall I have received an A for nutritional value, but when you break down my food choices they are overall high in fat and carbs. I've taken in 1641 calories today and only 32 ounces of water-YIKES. At this rate I am predicted to reach my goal weight in April 2009-not acceptable. Of course I have not added exercise into my daily routine yet so surely that will help get me to my goal on time.

So here is hoping tomorrow will be much better. Hopefully I'll get my water in early and will make better food choices. Doesn't look like I'll meet my first goal: getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight (that is before my third pregnancy) since I still have 15 lbs to go.

On another note, Biggest Loser starts tomorrow night. Love that show. It is such an inspiration-apparently not enough to have gotten my motor running-to see people transformed in a matter of months. However, since I do not have the luxury of training with professionals 24/7, I will have to settle for a much slower transformation.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Menu Plan Monday 9/3

Well I didn't do well with the healthy eating/cooking this past week. Hopefully I'll get to it this week. I am doing better with my water intake but still need to do better about staying away from the diet coke.

So this week we are trying a few new items: broccoli soup-which I have never cooked before. I know my husband won't care for it or even try it. But since my mom will be here a few days this week I figured it'd be a great time to try it out. Especially since she is doing the low carb thing. also quesadillas, an easy meal but I've never made them before.

Monday: Salad-as always
Tuesday: Quesadillas and baked fries and maybe some black beans if we have them
Wednesday: Broccoli Soup and salad
Thursday: Hamburgers and beans
Friday: Homemade Pizzas