Monday, April 30, 2007

DOM-"i us"

Ok here is my card for week 12-'I believe'. I used a picture of my husband and I. We have been through a lot this last year and our relationship has grown stronger because of the trials we have been through.


Our little town is considered a bird sanctuary and in the six years we have lived here I have truly enjoyed seeing an abundance of birds in our yard. I can look out any window of our house at any given time and see at least a dozen birds. I don't know the different species of birds, but a few I see frequently are the cardinal and the woodpecker. We use to have a woodpecker peck on the big picture window upstairs or the chimney every morning bright and early. And every now and then you'll hear a bird run into the window and knock itself out. It is quite amusing when they finally come to.
I also tried a few new techniques on this card. I bought some embossing supplies and a heating tool today and embossed the flowers. I also hand stitched the stems. Some things that I have been wanting to try and look forward to doing again soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

DOM- "something I miss"

Ok here is my card for week 8 in the mini art journal challenge. Something I miss is my slim figure. As you can read in the journaling this photo was taken during my senior year of high school. Eleven years later I am surely missing that nice thin figure-especially since I am six months pregnant! Hopefully after this baby is born I will be able to get all the pregnancy weight off quickly and then start working on all the extra pounds I started adding after my husband and I met in college.

DOM- "ephemera"

This is the prompt for week 5 of Emily's mini art journal challenge. I always love finding great bargains when shopping and a great deal on scrapbooking supplies is an added bonus!! Last week I found some Cricut cartridges on sale for $15!!! I was estatic even though I don't yet have a cricut I bought seven: one for myself and six more to sell on ebay! I also found a stash of embellishments on sale for $0.25, that I racked up on! This week I bought some glass jars to store some of my embellishments in and the paper they used to wrap the glass jars was beautiful! One page was this purple paper with butterflies-just lovely. Then I found some clear acrylic stamps at the dollar bin at Michaels. I had to limit myself to three packs because I have been on a stamping freenzy lately. I've bought almost ten new sets of stamps in the last month! Talk about an addiction!!

Day at the Zoo

We took a trip to the zoo this week since DH's work schedule is about to change and he won't be able to go with us during the week. It was a little warm and after two hours of walking I was worn out!! JP had a lot of fun. I hope to make many more trips to the zoo this summer if I can take the heat and the walking!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

DOM-"proud of"

Here is my card for week six! This year an internet friend of mine shared some hats that she had knitted. I indicated that I sure wish I was talented enough to knit. She then told me about the looms she used to make the hats, she assured me it was very easy to learn. So I purchased a set and made my first hat in no time.

As most of you know I had a miscarriage last year. And one of the things I would like to do is donate memorial kits to the hospital I was treated at after the miscarriage. In those memorial kits I want to include hats for the babies. So I was so excited to be able to create these hats myself for the kits.


Here is my card for the mini art journal for week number one. I discovered Emily's challenge for this project in the middle of April-she does one card each week. So I doing them at random until I catch up with the group. But here is a picture of my baby bump-funny thing is I wrote all the topics of the week down on a card and have been checking them off as I go-and when I went to Emily's page to leave a link to my card for this challenge-I realized she had also done a card in honor of her baby.
Anyway, I painted on two photo corners and a few hearts and sanded the edges. Then attached a metal word (that I found on my shopping spree of the clearance aisle earlier this week!!) On the back I painted it black, put two heart stickers, then painted over that with pink paint, sanded and then wrote my journaling-don't care for my hand-writting at all but oh well there it is.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

DOM-"my parents"

Ok here is my card for this weeks mini art journal challenge. A picture of my parents from way back when and then a recent photo from Mardis Gras-which scans a little blurry for some reason. I sanded the outer edge of the card-first time to use the sanding technique-really like it!
My parents have always been active in our lives. They both worked very hard to provide for us, yet they were always there on the sidelines to cheer us on. We have remained close even though they now live three hours away. My mom and I talk at least once a day and we try to visit regularly. They have always been a great influence in my life and I respect them greatly.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Here is my latest layout for the cybercrop. These are pictures of my mom and son taken with my new digital camera. He loves when his "CC" comes to visit. He normally won't have much to do with me. She has to change his clothes, his diaper, get him in/out of the car and he even has to sleep with her. I know when she is headed home she is worn out, but they both have a great time plus I get a small break.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

DOM "my initial"

Emily Falconbridge taught a class called "deck of you", in which they created an art journal on a deck of cards. They used one card each week for a year. Each week Emily posts the topic of the week and a picture of her card.

Here is a stack of cards that Emily has decorated with paint, patterned papers, ribbons etc to have ready on hand when she is ready to complete her card for the week. She also created a pouch to hold her cards.



Here is my first creation for my "deck of me" mini art journal

I started with the week 11 challenge "my initial" because it didn't take much thought.
Journaling reads: "T" was actually one of my many nicknames for many years. Started by a friend in high school and it was carried on into my college years. My parents are the only ones that use it now.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter

It took a lot of convincing to get JP to hunt eggs, but once he started he had a great time. He had to crack every egg upon finding it to see what was inside. He has enjoyed playing with his new easter toys and sneaks downstairs from time to time to get a piece of candy.
I hope everyone was able to enjoy Easter with family and friends. We truly enjoyed having my family here on Easter and visiting with Keith's family.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Egg Hunt at the Park

We went to the Easter Egg hunt at the park this morning, it was WAY TOO cold. We stood waiting at the edge of the hunting ground, finally they made the announcement it was time to hunt eggs. They said "ready, set, go!" and everyone started running toward the eggs-everyone except JP. He sat down on the ground and started crying-the mad dash for plastic easter eggs didn't spark him to running-it scared him. So we walked around a bit and tried to talk him into picking up an egg-but I guess he just wasn't as excited as we were.

Later we went back to a friend's house and the kids dyed easter eggs. JP had a great time switching the eggs from one color to the next. He'd scoop the egg up with his plastic spoon and let it plop into the next bowl. Splashing egg dye everywhere. Once the eggs were gone and I began emptying the dye cups-JP started spooning the egg dye onto the table-he had a pretty big puddle before I made it back to the table.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bundle of Joy

Here is the latest layout I created using photos of me at 20 weeks. These are not the best photos but I wanted to go ahead and get some belly shots since I haven't taken any during this pregnancy. Our little bundle of joy started moving around 18 weeks and it is such a joy to fell his/her little kicks. As some of you know we won't be finding out the sex of our baby until he/she is born. But I am guessing it will be a boy. I go back to the doctor in two weeks and I will try to get some more photos by then.

Welcome to my blog

OK so I have decided to start a blog to share our day to day activities with family and friends. We will see how well I keep it updated! One thing that will probably not be lacking in this blog is photos of JP, my 2 year old son. I take tons of photos of him so there will be plenty to share. I also scrapbook so I'll probably post some of my favorite layouts. We are also expecting another baby in August-so I'll try to keep everyone updated on our little one's progress. So be patient while I learn as much as I can about this blogging thing and come back often for updates.