Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Preemie Hat

Yes another post for today! I am on a roll!
Here is a picture of one of the hats I have made. A friend of mine had dolls made to replicate the size and weight of her sons at birth(she had triplets at 21/22 weeks). Anyway she agreed to try the hat on to make sure it would fit a "micro-preemie". It does fit but looks a little fuzzy for my taste. Will try a different yarn next time. My plan is to make "memorial boxes" and donate them to the hospital I was treated at after my miscarriage last June. These hats are fun and easy to make. I look forward to putting my first kit together and getting it to the hospital!


Tyla'sMommy said...

I agree that it's a bit fuzzy but it's so cute at the same time! Did you use the blue loom? I have made several hats but not sure how well they would fit a premie when I don't have anything to compare it to. Oh well, I will take them to the hospital when I take the memory boxes. I'm not sure if they will be INSIDE the memory boxes or not. I told the hospital that I wish I had gotten to choose between a few hats for my daughter. The one she had was WAY too big. the one they gave me 6 months later, would've fit her better, I think. but I can't make mine quite that small with the blue loom, so I'm looking for a "thumb loom" or smaller looms. (gotta get brave and order online) Looking forward to seeing your hats and memory boxes. If you need any ideas, come to my blog, I'm adding memory box websites to be inspired by other people's memory boxes....

Brandy Allen said...

I LOVE the hat! It looks just like the one Hunter got and it is the same color. I think it is PERFECT!!! Thanks for sharing that experience with me. I have it in my dolls.
This is a wonderful thing you are doing for these moms!