Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One small organizing my craft room

A couple of weeks ago...ok maybe a month ago I found this cute little find at the thrift shop for $10. I have been wanting to find some old printing press drawers but haven't been able to stumble upon ANY! So here is my little find as purchased.

I simply spray painted it black and hung in on the wall....simple, easy, cheap and functional. I needed a better way to store my wood stamps. I had them lined up on a shelf but every time I would reach for one about three others would fall over. So this lets me view what stamps I have and grab one without disturbing the peace.


ter@waaoms said...

Great idea ! good job!

Donna said...

Your printer's tray looks great! I found one laying in a skip about 10 years ago and your project has reminded me that it's been in the cupboard awaiting attention far too long. Thanks!