Sunday, May 8, 2011

This week's savings

Well I found a lot of GREAT deals this past week!! I stocked up on razors, eye drops, body wash, TP, childrens benadryl, etc. I haven't done a final tally...but I saved lots of money this week. I am getting the hang of "filler items" and rolling my reward bucks back into my purchases by doing several transactions back to back. I racked up $40 at Walgreens in RR!!!! Most of which I spent today.

This week will be a slow week as there aren't many deals to be had and I am out of coupons for the Kroger mega sale. Oh well...maybe I should check out KuntryKlippers for some great coupons...hmmm..what else do I need to stock up on??

Here are my deals for the week...

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