Monday, September 5, 2011

My first 5K ..... was a bust

I wanted to run a 5K before my birthday...which is this month. I had high hopes. I started off strong last fall doing the Couch to 5K plan. It was going great. Then the holidays hit. Then I just got lazy. So needless to say I signed up to walk this 5K. I also signed my kids up. My mom, my sister's roommate, my kids and I were planning on walking. My sister of course was running. We get to the starting 4 year old decides she needs to potty. Lovely. So I walk her to the bathroom thinking I will be able to easily catch up with the stroller (which was carrying my two other children)....WRONG! I ended up having to carry her on/off for the first mile. Then I caught up with them, but only because I took a wrong turn-the turn you were suppose to make on the second lap. Long story short I didn't even walk the full 5K. Wasn't my fault. I learned a valuable lesson. Make the kids potty right before the race starts. We made it back from the 5K walk just in time for the childrens' 1 mile fun run. Of course my 4 year old had to potty AGAIN at the beginning of the race. When I explained to her she would miss the race if we went to potty she was determined to race. We made it just over halfway when we had to take a detour to potty behind some trees. LOVELY.

Lots of lessons learned.

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