Monday, July 9, 2012

Cooking with my son

I got off work early today, @3:45!!  So we came home and Jacob and I cooked dinner.  First of all, it has been years since I have cooked a meal for my family.  Yes I cook for bunco from time to time, but since my kids are very picky and my husband isn't home at dinner time, well I just don't see the point in cooking for myself.  So I just eat whatever the kids will eat.

However, tonight I decided to cook dinner.  Once I started pulling stuff out, my 7 year old son was very excited and eagerly asked to help.  So we had a great time measuring, stirring, pouring and spending some great time together.  We will surely have to do this more often.  He also TRIED it.  We made Southwestern CHicken, a Weight Watchers recipe.  It had corn, tomatoes (which we pureed since I don't like chunky tomatoes), rice, cheese and chicken.  I don't think he would have tried it if he had not helped cook it.  I can't say the same for the other two.  They wouldn't touch it.  So they enjoyed a gourmet hot dog!! LOL.

Here he is with his first meal. Here is JoAnna making sculptures with her grapes. Anything to get these kids to eat!!!

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