Monday, August 20, 2007

2 week checkup

I took JM for her two week checkup today. She is up to 8lbs 4 ounces!! Which is 2 ounces more than her birth weight and 14 ounces more than her check up last Saturday at the hospital. So she gained 14 ounces in 9 days!!! Which is awesome for a breastfed baby!! Nursing is going great-although she seemed to be a natural from the start. She has had two great nights of sleeping in her bassinet in between feedings. We slept in the recliner most of last night-but at least we slept.

Everyone asks how J is doing with his baby sister. Well he is doing WONDERFUL! Of course it probably has helped that we had company for two weeks to keep him entertained. Our company left Friday night so we have really only had one day at home-yesterday was spent with my in-laws and six nieces and nephews. He will spend the night at his Nana's tonight so it'll be a few days before we are back into a routine. That will be the true test. But I have confidence in him, I think he'll still be just as proud as ever of his "baby sister".

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Tyla'sMommy said...

She's beautiful Tiffany!!