Monday, August 27, 2007

Computer Crash

Lately I've been having trouble printing photos. So I have asked DH to try to fix the problem. Well last night he finally got a chance to sit down and work on the printer. He hadn't been working on it five minutes when the hard drive started making a "clicking" sound. To sum it up-our hard drive crashed and we lost everything.

Luckily I had saved all my photos on a disk several weeks ago and haven't cleared my cameras yet-so I don't think I've lost any important photos. Although I did loose all my bookmarks. Sad since I had over 30 blogs bookmarked. I'm addicted to blogs and have been checking in on several blogs on a weekly basis. I don't think it'll take me long to find most of them.

So anyway. Hopefully I can get all my photos back on the computer soon and get some printed so I can get to scrapping!

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