Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our little caboose

I went for my first sonogram today, always anxious to see the baby for the first time, especially since there was reason to think I might not be as far along as we originally thought. So we go in and sure enough I am only measuring about 6 weeks 4 days as compared to 9 weeks. Nothing surprising there. We did see the baby's heartbeat which was a relief-always puts your mind at rest when you see the heartbeat.

So we go back in 4 weeks for a regular check up. So as of now our due date is September 7th, which can easily change as we get closer.

I am trying to cut out caffeine, which means no more vanilla diet Dr. Peppers and not more diet cokes. Hopefully that will prevent my hands from swelling like they did when I was pregnant with baby girl-that was painful.

So keep coming back here for updates!!

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Kim Reid said...

Congrats!! I just have one question how is that Diet Coke cutting out coming?