Thursday, December 17, 2009


I found a cute necklace online and thought I'd try my hand at my own. The one I found was here at Making the World Cuter. I ordered the "owl" necklace and it arrived today!! Cannot wait to wear it-so CUTE!

So last weekend I tried making my own using photos. They turned out cute. I made one for myself with a picture of my kids, one for my mother with a picture of my kids and my niece, and one for my mother in law with her 9 grandchildren. Here is mine and my mother-in-laws.


Anonymous said...

hijos de puta,cabrones

Ter said...

I feel like a jerk!
I remembered trying for a long time to "follow" on your blog but for some reason it wouldn't work (had some problems following on other people's too). And then I lost your blog... I was going through my email contacts tonight, to delete some of them and I came across yours and thankfully it had a link to your blog. Now the follower thingy works again so I'll be able to keep up with you. :)