Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Ok so I have lots of 'goals" for the new year. I really want to take time and be with my family this year and concentrate on the important things in life. I want to be more proactive instead of reactive. I want to set goals and strive to reach them.
So here are a few of the goals that I really want to work on this year...

Spend more time with family and friends: this is were I struggle the most. I usually make plenty of time for my family however, my friends usually get neglected. I don't keep in touch well with people I don't see on a regular basis. Although I hope these friends know I would be there at a drop of a hat if I can and would do anything possible for them. So my goal is to try to keep in better touch with my friends this year. Either by email, text, phone calls or maybe even...gasp...visiting them!!!

Run: believe it or not I use to love running when I played soccer. I was never fast but I felt my endurance was fairly high. I didn't much like running around a track but preferred running through a neighborhood or a trail. so I'd like to start of slow by walking and then work my way up to running.

Bible/devotions: I want to make sure I take the time each day to read my bible and do devotions. Not only for myself but also with the kids. I bought a devotional book specifically for the kids with special activities that are meant to help the lessons be memorable. So I would like to start that with them.

less tv: my kids like most kids today watch WAY too much tv. Its my fault and I need to start limiting their time in front of the tv and computer. I had tried letting them watch a show or two after 7pm-only after baths, dinner and homework (that is speech homework for Jacob). This worked great since they go to bed at 8-they only get an hour of tv AND I could take tv time away as punishment if they didn't behave during bathtime or dinner time!!

weekly game night: I want to have "game night" with the kids once a week. They have tons of board games and such and we really need to pull them out and spend some quality time with them. This will most likely decrease our tv time as well!!

date night: there for a while my husband and I were taking a date night once a week. Now we rarely take this much needed time. So if not weekly at least every other week we need to set a night aside just for us and preferably something other than dinner...

create weekly/monthly: I would like to create something weekly. Sounds a bit much considering I have three kids, work full time...etc ...etc. But I would like to complete something weekly. Either a new project, a hair bow, a scrapbook page...SOMETHING each week. It really gives me a sense of accomplishment when I spend time in my craft room and create something.

make gifts: I would like to make more gifts-such as Christmas gifts for next year and/or birthday gifts.

make cards: I need to start making my own cards and keep a stash of them on hand. I have a huge supply of scrapbook stuff and should be able to make every card for every occasion!!

photo session monthly: another passion of mine is photography. I love taking portraits. I have always wanted to be a photography but haven't taken the leap yet. I have photographed a few small weddings and taken pictures of friends and family but not much else. I would really like to schedule one photo session a month to build my confidence and my clients. I have been putting this off for far too long...

artwork on walls: we moved a year ago and still do not have much on our walls. I find I am too cheap to buy stuff in the stores so I want to create things for my walls. Which should be easy since I plan on creating something every week!!!

lose baby weight by Jace's first birthday: After I had JoAnna I went on a serious diet and lost all the weight I gained while pregnant with her and then some. I was down to my "pre kid" weight-which was before I even got pregnant with Jacob. However, once I started my new job I gained 20 lbs in 5 months and then got pregnant with baby #3 and gained 43 lbs! YIKES! So I really have to work hard now to get this weight off-especially since he is already 4 months old!!!

Cook at least twice a week: since my husband isn't home for dinner most nights I haven't been cooking much at all. My kids are picky so I usually just eat whatever it is they will eat: mac and cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc, etc. So I would like to cook more "adult friendly" meals and hopefully this will help introduce them to new foods and help me with my weight loss!!

WOW!!! All in all that is a LOT of goals for one year!

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the williams said...

that is a lot of goals!!!!
good luck!