Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coupon Crazy!

Well I am not exactly coupon crazy-YET!!! I haven't gotten the full hang of it, nor have I gotten the full benefit, but it looks like I am making progress. It seems all the printable coupons I want are always gone and the "special" coupon books you find around the stores are never to be found here. I have learned to look through the dollar list and try to stock up on those items as much as possible.

This week I found LOTS of "manager's special" deals at one of the Krogers (there are 3 within 5 miles of my house-since Kroger took over Brookshires). I found some prepackaged Ceasar salads for $1.99, regularly $3.99, lunch meat for $1.50, regularly $4.39, bologna (which my husband and kids have become fond of lately for some reason) $1.25 regularly $3.59, nurtrigrain bars $1.50 regularly $3.59-I actually thought these qualified for a buy 4 get $4 back-but apparently not since the sale price was 2.99 and these were specially marked down to 1.50-but at 1.50 a box they were a GREAT deal!!

total 300.93
coupon savings 15.04
kroger plus savings 56.29
other savings 56.43---from marked down "manager's special"
total savings 127.76

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