Monday, January 14, 2013

Rainy day fun with the kids.

I had planned on doing some caching with the kids Sunday afternoon.  However, the weather hampered those plans. We were able to attempt three caches but only found one.  I hate DNF's (did not find)!  Then we made a trip to the grocery store and got in and out just before the down pour. 

Once home we did a few chores and then the kids pulled out the "Magic Marbles" they had gotten in their stocking.  I think these are the same thing as "water beads" also called
"orbeez". I have seen them at the daycare before and just this weekend saw a great website about sensory activities to do with them.

This is how they start. TINY!

Drop them in a cup or bowl of water.

After a few hours this is how much they have grown.   
Here is what it looks like after soaking in water over night.

A sea of orbeez!
So we will be incorporating this in our lessons this week.  Jace will have a lot of fun playing with these. Maybe it'll even keep him occupied while the older kids and I get school work done!! 

So while our "magic marbles" were soaking we pulled out Connect 4 Launchers.  I think my son got this game last year for his birthday or Christmas.  Either way, its been here a long time and this was the first time we have played it. SAd!  It was a lot of fun.  Jace didn't really understand the concept of how to win but he certainly enjoyed launching the pieces. 

We also learned how to use a knife.  Jace loves playing with knifes when we are out to eat somewhere.  Usually I don't mind if it's just butter knives.  He just loves cutting stuff up on his plate.  So when I was cutting cheese last night they just had to join.  I only post this because I think their faces are adorable-not that you care to see my kids cutting cheese. LOL. 

So that was what we did on yet another rainy day.  It appears it's going to rain all week so be prepared for more lovely pictures of the kids doing random things!

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