Wednesday, October 7, 2015

School, crafts, clean sweep!

Part of our math today was learning about cups, pints and quarts.  We used a few visual aids to help us learn. 

After JoAnna made her clay bowl for AHG, I made an ornament. Every year I buy an ornament with for Hope, our baby girl that we lost at 16 weeks due to a miscarriage. So I decided to make one with clay and used stamps to decorate it. It turned out cute. 

Also last night I went on a cleaning spree. After scrubbing the kitchen and spending about ten minutes cleaning the art room (it'll take me at least a week to clean and organize the art room!!) I spent a few minutes going thru my bathroom cabinet. I don't know why I have so much lotion, facial products and BODY SPRAY!  I don't even use body spray and rarely use perfume.  But I had EIGHT bottles of body spray/perfume. This doesn't even include the perfume on my vanity that I actually use from time to time. LOL. maybe I can sell them at the garage sell??  Who knows. 

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