Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Festivities

The Christmas festivities have started at our home. My Aunt and Uncle came into town Thursday and we had a good visit. We opened presents from them Thursday night-and I guess that got J interested in the presents under the tree-he has opened three since then. There have been presents under our tree for two weeks and he hasn't touched them. So I guess opening presents the other night sparked his interest.

I left J upstairs playing yesterday while I was cleaning the kitchen. I walked upstairs to find him asleep on the floor with one of my uncle's gifts open. My uncles gifts were in the rocker where he had left them the night before, J had pulled it out of the chair and opened the box. It was a fish for the hitch on his truck. So cute and so sneaky!

So we will be busy the next few days!! Merry Christmas to all!

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