Saturday, January 9, 2010

Working on the Resolutions

Well my goal was to start last Monday with eating better and exercising. However I was a bit delayed, four days actually. I ate better most days until I got home and snacked way too much while getting dinner ready. So Friday I was determined to do better. I packed my lunch for the day, a salad and chili but when it was time for lunch the kitchen was cooking pizza!! I love their pizza. So I ate my salad and once slice of pizza. I didn't snack when I got home either.

Also starting Monday we are doing a Biggest Loser challenge at work. I had no intentions of signing up because I really don't want anyone to know my weight. Although we aren't weighing in front of anyone and only the director will know my weight I figured it would be revealed at the end. However, after thinking about it last night, it's just a number. It doesn't change who I am or how I look just because my weight is revealed. So I think I am going to join. The prize is $100 and 3 days paid vacation. I figure if I did as well as I did after JoAnna was born I could lose at least 50 pounds. By her first birthday I had lost 50 pounds, but only dieted for 6 months-taking a break during the holidays.

I plan to attempt the 30 day challenge on the Wii Active and start walking. I thought of doing Atkins again since I did so well with that but I think I'll just limit my carbs at first and if the weight doesn't come off I will then go to Atkins.

So far I have lost 3 pounds!! And that's with eating chocolate chip cookies every night this week except one!!

I will keep a tally on the right side of my blog to keep everyone updated on my weight loss. I loved seeing the weight loss add up last time!!! HOpefully I will have the same success this time around. As of today I weight exactly the same as I did when I started my weight loss after JoAnna was born. Of course that was one month after giving birth, but this time it's been 4 months. So I am getting a late start getting this baby fat off!!!

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the williams said...

what an awesome inspiration to lose weight!
good luck - you can do it!

and i agree with the weight being just a number. whether the scale says 150 or 250, it doesn't change what size you are, you know? although sometimes it's hard to admit the number!