Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weigh In #6

OK so after a not so great weekend, I thought I had actually gained 2 pounds-according to my scale at home. However according to the scale at work I had lost 3 pounds! Could it be I was just totally off last week when I weighed at home?? Or is the work scale finally catching up with my home scale?? Who knows-its all getting a bit confusing to keep up with!!! All in all at work I have lost 13 pounds. According to my scale at home I have lost 15 pounds-not that big of a difference between the two. Still not were I want to be two months into this program.

I still need to add in a daily workout-which has been delayed by a mysterious injury to my knee. Apparently I was playing soccer in my sleep one night and sprained my knee. I mean how else can one go to bed one night with no injuries and wake up the next morning with a sprained knee!! Went to the doctor to have it checked after 9 days of pain and some swelling. Called on day 8 to make the appointment. Woke up the day of the appointment with very little pain and no swelling. That is one AWESOME doctor to be able to heal an injury with just an appointment-I hadn't even seen him yet!! So he says its just strained/sprained and should heal in a few days to two weeks tops. We shall see!!!

I am still sticking to the Atkins diet-although I have been straying a bit, which could be why the weight loss and slowed a bit. Gotta get on track and stay on track if I want to get the baby weight off before summer!!!

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