Sunday, November 21, 2010

20 bucks worth of groceries for $1.29 !!!!

This past week I started clipping coupons after getting information from a co-worker. She went to a coupon clipping seminar by Jenni at Southern Savers. After my second week of clipping coupons I took a trip to Kroger today for just a few items.

Grocer list:
Four boxes of GM cereal
12pack of cokes.

-free 12 pack of cokes (thanks to
-$1 off 2 GM cereals
-.75 off one GM cereal
-.55 off cinnamon toast crunch cereal (which was doubled)
-$1 ecoupons sent to my Kroger card for November customer appreciation
-.55 ecoupon off GM cereal
-$1 off coupon which printed last time I went to Kroger

total at checkout $20.18 and I only paid $1.29!!!! YIPEE.

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