Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am so very excited about my new ribbon storage!!! I have been struggling with ways to organize my GROWING supply of ribbon...and here it is!!!! First of all this is my second attempt at ribbon storage...
Here was my first attempt This storage didn't work well since I had such an abundance of ribbon, maybe if I had cute the dials smaller, but still its much easier to store horizontally.

I got this great idea from By Your Hands.

This is what I started with....a $3 frame from a second hand store.

I took the "wicker" out and then painted it white. Bought these ceiling hooks for $1.79, painted them white, and TADA!!!! Not only does it make a GREAT storage solution, but it's also WALL ART!!!!

I am just IN LOVE with it!! Cannot wait to get the rest of my room done!!!

Paper organized: check
Ribbon organized: check
everything else.......hmmm...

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