Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weigh In & CVS Deal for last week!!

Well I weighed in on Monday, and lost the 4 pounds I had gained the week before!! YAY me! So that puts me at just 8 lbs lost for the year...not nice but manageable. I am still on track so I am hoping for a good loss come Monday. I keep telling myself, "Only 6 more weeks!". Yes, only 6 more weeks until our spring break vacation in the mountains!!! Very excited for that!!!

As far as the CVS deals I got on Satruday....I got 5-12packs of Coke products for $1.04!!!! The deal was you buy 5 packs for $15 and get $5 CVSBucks for your next visit-which makes it $10!! Well I had $10 CVS Bucks from a deal they had a few weeks that made my total $1.04-just taxes!!! LOVELY!! I was so excited!! Too bad I didn't take advantage of both the $10CVS Bucks deals a few weeks ago...I would have $15 in CVS Bucks...oh well. Still doing great on the coupon thing!!!!

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