Friday, April 29, 2011


I went to Fred's today to look for a particular home repair item. They didn't have the kind I wanted, but they had a tear pad for $2 off Purex!!!!!! So I pulled out my Kroger add and found PUrex was on sale for $1.99!!!!! Too bad that was last weeks add. So I went to Kroger just to see what they had it for this week. It was still on sale for $2.50 each!!!! So instead of getting it free I got it for .50!!! Still a great deal! So of course I told me friends about it!! The tear pad is now EMPTY!!!!! Which is good because they expire tomorrow!!! So we didn't feel bad about snagging more than one each. We snagged a total of 50 coupons AND of COURSE we shared them with friends and family, a total of six families, so that's less than 10 coupons each.

Now for the next big deal.......

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