Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rite Aid

I have never shopped at Rite Aid, even after this coupon journey began. They just didn't seem to have that many deals. That changed this week.

I have been wanting to try hair removal cream and just have not gotten around to getting it. So I found some $2 off coupons for Veet. Figured I would hang on to them and see if anyone puts them on sale-granted I just printed them this weekend. This week Rite Aid has an "in add" coupon for $3 off Veet, PLUS you get $1 in UpRewards. So with the $2 manuf coupon, $3 store coupon and $1 upreward....makes a $6.49 bottle..... .94!! so of course I took advantage!!

They also have 12pack of coke products 3/$9, and you get a $2 upreward. So I took advantage of that as well.

So I bought one Veet (because it was the last one left) and 3 packs of coke.
total 13.??, saved $7-I used $2 in uprewards from a prev purchase, and received $3 in Uprewards on my receipt!!! So its like paying $10.

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