Thursday, March 15, 2012

35 BEFORE 35

So this had now become my 35 BEFORE 35 list...since I didn't get everything done on my list..yet again!!! Why is it so hard for me to set goals and actually accomplish them?!?!

--> a 5k (not looking good) a backup camera/backdrop equipment
3. make stepping stones with the kids a studio photo session/trash the dress session
5.go backpacking/kayaking
6.make a camera strap I bought one. Does that count?
7.take my kids camping and canoeing
8. make “MUG” gifts yeah! Made these for Christmas 2011! Potato Soup-Super good something cutesy for my daughter
10.make wall art for the boy's room
11.paint a canvas for the mantel
12.photograph “alphabet” art
13. make a card table playhouse for the kids
14.lose the baby weight
15.organize my art room/closet/kids art closet. (I organized it 3 times-now if it could stay organized)
16. sew a crayon cozy
17. host a Wii party
18.scan old family photos
19.have a garage sell
20.vacation in the mountains for someone else in line
22.find a letterbox/find 100 caches
24.plant an herb garden
25.go to a drive in movie
26.decorate my grandmother's sewing box
27.take my kids fishing. We didn't catch anything...but we are working on that. my own blog banner/tags
29.knit a hooded baby cocoon for portraits
30.finish knitting my daughters scarf to match her hat i made last winter/knit my boy's hats my tatoo - will decide later if I actually get it!! Thanks to I have my tatoo design picked out.....hmmmm. my photography website /register my business name
35. Go on a mothers/ladies only weekend retreat/vacation!!!!

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Sara Bell said...

Oh I love this! I always see people do these but I've never done one. You should check out this cool 5k schedule, it's called "Couch to 5k" and I for one think it's really helpful.
That'll help with number 14 too. =]
I have been to a drive-in movie in FOREVER! My husband and I are about to embark upon a crazy traveling adventure and I think I'll make it a goal to go to a drive-in movie together at some point along the way. =]