Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jacob's First Junior Division Karate Tournament

Now that Jacob is 7, he competes in the junior division karate tournament. They are put into different divisions (not sure how that is decided) and they compete against each other. He was placed in the "patterns" division. There were three competitors. He was awarded 1st place!!! Very excited for him. He works very hard on this patterns and combos (of which I am not sure the difference between the two). The second division he competed in he had to fight another child. They had padded "swords" and shields. They were awarded points for hitting their opponent in the leg or stomach. No points for the head or arms. If they hit at the same time no point was awarded. He and the kid went several rounds, sometimes scoring a point, sometimes not scoring. The score was tied at 1-1, then went 2-1, then tied again at 2-2, but the other kid won 3-2. But I am so proud of Jacob for hanging tough with the kid that appeared to be a few years older. He did great!!!

He should be wearing his Tiger belt (Orange with black stripe) but he lost it the week of the tournament and we have yet to find it :(

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