Thursday, March 15, 2012

A few odds and ends....

I am so behind on here are a few things I have been working on lately...

Been letting the kids paint a good bit lately...they LOVE it!!

My kids all doing school work quietly at the SAME time!!!

A shamrock I painted with my sister and a good friend. The three of us made up 75% of the class. The other 25% was a 6 year old boy!! BWAHHHA

Here is JoAnna's 100th day of school t shirt. She loved eating all those tootsie rolls. Sure she shared "some" with her friends, but the majority of them found their way into the bottom of her school bag, which she would sneak into her bag every few minutes to get a tootsie roll. That baby girl LOVES candy...just like her Roo (Aunt Marissa)

Here are some Valentine treats we made for the kids teachers...they were a hit..I think anyways.

Here is the chore chart I made last week for the kids. And can I just say...I should have made this MONTHS ago. The first day I had it up Jacob was racing around trying to figure out what chores he could do, how much money he would get and how much of it he would spend at candy shop (every Friday the kids can bring money to spend on junk food at candy shop). This week, the same thing!! He is even helping JoAnna pick chores so she can have money to spend-especially since last week we had a melt down on Friday when she realized she had not done ANY chores and therefore didn't have any money for candy shop. Of course the great and wonderful mother I am -HA- I allowed her to have a dollar and told her she would have to do chores that night to make up for it.

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