Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's so hard to stay on track.

I did so well yesterday with my meals, until I left the house.  

First of all, JoAnna had said she wanted to run or walk like Roo.  My sister is a runner, like half marathons and all. (My dad and brother run too, but they are not as serious as my sister). So I got the kids ready and we went for a walk, only 1.5 miles.  It wasn't bad but even with my ankles braces my ankles were just killing me!  

Then we got home and I had eggs for breakfast. For lunch I had baked chicken, steamed broccoli and zucchini with cheese sauce.  It was really good. Even Jacob liked the broccoli and chicken. 

Then I went to work. It was downhill from there.  At work I am surrounded by snacks and junk food. I work at a daycare so there is an abundance of snack food and treats. I think I had three snacks during my 5 hour work day. 

THEN I went to bunco!  We had , dip and crackers, salad, shrimp Alfredo, rolls and cheesecake! It was delicious!

I need to get back on track!  I started my job almost 8 years ago and I'm embarrassed to even say how much weight I've gained since my first day. 

I have stopped drinking sodas. I went from 1-2 a day to none! Which is amazing considering how much I enjoyed my Sonic drinks everyday! So much that when I pulled into the drive thru I wouldn't even have to order, they knew me well. I thought giving up sodas would drop some pounds quickly, but I haven't lost a single pound.

So now I'm trying to eat less carbs and less processed foods. I'm also trying to stick with C25K. I've started it several times but have yet to finish. I signed up for a 5K not a virtual 5K but a local 5K. I hope I can run the entire thing.  The virtual Groundhogs Day 5K I did was a disappointment.  I could run much at all. It's a good thing it was virtual and I could run in the privacy of my home. 

Anyway, enough pity party. I know what needs to be done I just need to do it. And... I WILL!

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