Sunday, April 22, 2007


Here is my card for the mini art journal for week number one. I discovered Emily's challenge for this project in the middle of April-she does one card each week. So I doing them at random until I catch up with the group. But here is a picture of my baby bump-funny thing is I wrote all the topics of the week down on a card and have been checking them off as I go-and when I went to Emily's page to leave a link to my card for this challenge-I realized she had also done a card in honor of her baby.
Anyway, I painted on two photo corners and a few hearts and sanded the edges. Then attached a metal word (that I found on my shopping spree of the clearance aisle earlier this week!!) On the back I painted it black, put two heart stickers, then painted over that with pink paint, sanded and then wrote my journaling-don't care for my hand-writting at all but oh well there it is.

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Tyla'sMommy said...

oh I love it!! I was going to do a picture like that when I was pregnant with my daughter, but didn't get a chance to. :( But anyway I love the DOM that you did, and actually I'm thinking of doing one myself except that I am thinking of doing it with various quotes that I love. good idea?? don't know!