Saturday, April 7, 2007

Egg Hunt at the Park

We went to the Easter Egg hunt at the park this morning, it was WAY TOO cold. We stood waiting at the edge of the hunting ground, finally they made the announcement it was time to hunt eggs. They said "ready, set, go!" and everyone started running toward the eggs-everyone except JP. He sat down on the ground and started crying-the mad dash for plastic easter eggs didn't spark him to running-it scared him. So we walked around a bit and tried to talk him into picking up an egg-but I guess he just wasn't as excited as we were.

Later we went back to a friend's house and the kids dyed easter eggs. JP had a great time switching the eggs from one color to the next. He'd scoop the egg up with his plastic spoon and let it plop into the next bowl. Splashing egg dye everywhere. Once the eggs were gone and I began emptying the dye cups-JP started spooning the egg dye onto the table-he had a pretty big puddle before I made it back to the table.

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