Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well I am 33weeks 1day today. Although I am loving it I am definately more tired these days. A simple trip to the grocery for milk and toilet paper wears me out. Going downstairs to prepare lunch, eat it, and walking back upstairs drains me completely. But I am trying a new energy drink and trying to remember to take my prenatal vitamins-hopefully this will give me some much needed energy to get through the rest of the pregnancy.

Baby is still moving around a lot. I am thinking this one will be bigger than JP-it just moves around a lot differently than he did. Sometimes it can be painful-I don't remember JP's movements ever being painful.

Names: we have decided on a girls name-but still trying to come up with a boy's name. We have several contenders but nothing set in stone yet. Although if you ask JP what the baby's name is going to be if it's a boy, he'll say...Spencer. That is the name of one of his trains.

Dr's appointment: I go back to the Dr. next Tuesday. Luckily DH happens to be off work that day and I won't have to take Jacob with me. He wasn't too bad last time we went but he wanted to leave as soon as we walked into the door and he tried to run off while they were taking my blood pressure. Hopefully he will get use to it-because he'll have to go with me from now on since DH is no longer off on Tuesdays.

Bedtime routine: we have changed our bedtime routine. Since JP has been in his toddler bed-about 2.5 months now, I have been laying down with him, watching a video with him and staying until he falls asleep. Which means I usually fall asleep or I am too tired to do anything else by the time he falls asleep. So that meant my "me time" was gone-wasted. So I decided to let daddy take care of bedtime. When I am not here daddy reads JP a story, puts him to bed and JP stays in bed. Daddy doesn't stay with him until he falls asleep and JP might get up one time but usually stays in his bed and falls asleep on his own. So I figured it was only fair to let daddy take over "bedtime". The first two nights were rough-JP got up at least 10 times and cried. But since then it has worked great. He's a little reluctant to go downstairs and get into bed without me but I usually walk downstairs and tell him goodnight and then daddy starts a story. It has been wonderful!!! I get "me time" and DH and I get "us time". We should have implemented this months ago!!!

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Tyla'sMommy said...

33 weeks, congratulations! May the rest of your pregnancy fly by without any problems! :) Rooting for ya!