Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last Day of June

Well it's the last day of June, that means we could potentially have a new baby in the house in just four short weeks. Maybe we'll be in a new house by then or at least have a contract on this one. One can only hope and pray the rest is up to God.

Any, today while out to lunch with some friends I picked up a copy of the July issue of "The Jackson Kidz Directory". They recently had a photo contest and I entered some photos of JP and knew they would be putting some of the contestants on the front cover. And sure enough there on the front cover is one of JP's pictures!!! So of course I had to grab a few copies to give to friends and family. In August they will be announcing the winner!

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Tyla'sMommy said...

oooh good luck on the contest and of course the last few weeks of pregnancy!