Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (on Wed)

OK again I am a little late posting but I did have my menu planned out for the week-although we haven't followed it yet. We decided to pop in a frozen pizza Monday night. Tuesday night I joined the ladies for Bunco-so DH ate some leftovers from the weekend. But we will get right back on track tonight-for two days only and then I'll be leaving with the kids Friday to go out of town. Oh well all that hard work planning just goes to waste this week, but we'll have a few menus to carry over next week.

I am planning on trying some recipes from a Weight Watchers cookbook this next month. I want to try a few a week starting next week! Can't wait-some new things to try.

On the weight loss journey: I have lost another pound. That is one pound this week and a total of seven pounds in 3.5 weeks. Six pounds the first week a big fat zero for weeks two and three-how is that? Oh well-just gotta keep at it. I think I can still make my goal of being at my "pre-pregnancies" weight before Christmas (that is the weight before I got pregnant with our first child). That is 33 pounds to go-YIKES. That will be pushing it but we will see how low we can go!!

Hope everyone has a great week. Here are our menu's for the next two days:

Wednesday: Terriyaki pork loin
Thursday: Poppy Seed Chicken-frozen

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Ter said...

Both of your recipes sound good. Care to share them? I need more freezer ideas...