Monday, September 3, 2007

Slow Start

I've been keeping up with my food intake on Calorie Count Plus and it is apparent that I need to work on my food choices. Overall I have received an A for nutritional value, but when you break down my food choices they are overall high in fat and carbs. I've taken in 1641 calories today and only 32 ounces of water-YIKES. At this rate I am predicted to reach my goal weight in April 2009-not acceptable. Of course I have not added exercise into my daily routine yet so surely that will help get me to my goal on time.

So here is hoping tomorrow will be much better. Hopefully I'll get my water in early and will make better food choices. Doesn't look like I'll meet my first goal: getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight (that is before my third pregnancy) since I still have 15 lbs to go.

On another note, Biggest Loser starts tomorrow night. Love that show. It is such an inspiration-apparently not enough to have gotten my motor running-to see people transformed in a matter of months. However, since I do not have the luxury of training with professionals 24/7, I will have to settle for a much slower transformation.

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Terri said...

ooh, I hear you! I think I would get somewhere if I could afford to hire a trainer and a nutrianist or whatever...! also if I could kick this coke habit. That's coca cola that' I'm talking about. ;)

Thanks for your email. :) :) It took me a min. to figure out who it was from! ;)