Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Menu Plan Monday 9/17

OK I am a day late but I did have the menu planned just didn't get it online yesterday. Also while visiting my parents this weekend I borrowed a WW cookbook "5 Ingredient 15 Minute Cookbook" and I have found some great recipes!! Every recipe has five ingredients or less and takes about fifteen minutes to prepare. So I went through the book and tagged my favorites-ended up with a months worth of new recipes!!! I cannot wait to try them. But since I was out of town this weekend and had already done my grocery shopping for this weeks menu I'll have to wait until next week.

I weighed in this morning-not pretty. I did so great the first week losing six pounds-now I am up one. Maybe it's just too early in the morning to weigh-I'm sure if I waited until after I nursed a few times I may be down one pound-but that still means I didn't lose any weight last week. How frustrating is that!?!?! I am still staying under 2000 calories and still didn't lose any weight last week...argh! I am definately not going to meet my first goal of losing that baby weight before September 19th. I am still ten pounds away. Oh well. Here is to stepping it up and trying to add exercise into my daily routine.

I made some low-fat brownies this weekend and brought them home. I could see a potential problem: I was cleaning yesterday after we got home (you know leaving DH home alone for 4 days can get really messy)each time I went into the kitchen I had to grab a piece of brownie. So I took some advice from the WW book. I bagged each brownie into individual snack sized ziplock bags and placed them in the freezer. That way I have to set them out to defrost before I eat them.

Monday: Usually salads but we opted to eat out-Corky's BBQ!
Tuesday: Shredded beef tacos (freezer meal), salad, chili beans
Wednesday: Broccoli Soup (frozen)
Thursday: Lemon-Lime Chicken, cauliflower, corn
Friday: Roast, carrots, salad


Shelli said...

Lemon-Lime Chicken sounds interesting. Will you share the recipe?

Ter said...

I really need to get a crock pot. I have noticed some great recipes on MPM that use crock pots. My problem is I think I'd be scared to leave the house with it turned on, especially since the pup is gated into the kitchen while we're gone. I also definately need to work on making some freezer meals too!

Zen Master said...

I printed the recipe for the lemon-lime chicken. It looks yummy!

Thanks for sharing!