Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day of Fun?! For Who??

Well we went to a local festival for kids today. Yes it rained this morning so I considered it'd be a bit muddy. I also knew the forecast called for more rain during the day but I prepared for it, or so I thought. We arrived, paid our $30 to get into the gate (YIKES), greeted a few children's characters, sat on a few tractors, then J got in line to ride the raggedy carousel. Then came the rain. By the time the ride was over the rain and just about stopped. His next choice for rides was a fun house, which I thought he'd be able to do on his own-wrong. The carny wanted me to go with him-which normally I wouldn't mind but I could tell from where I was standing the thing was absolutely filthy. But I went anyway. We got through the thing and came to the slide at the end-it was covered in mud. So J went down first, slid down to the end, then slipped off-right into the mud. Ick! After that we peeked into a few shows, some kids acting out animals, and then a clown/magic act. Then we skipped out.

We decided it'd be much more fun to pick up a few games at Blockbuster and head home to play the Wii! So glad my sister got a Wii for Christmas!! I don't think she'll be getting it back anytime soon! My husband picked out the games: a Diego game for J-which he absolutely loves!! Some Tom Clancy game for himself-which is full of violence-exactly what he enjoys!! And some kind of soccer game for me. I hope between the two of them I get a chance to try it out-lol!

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