Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weight Loss

Arg!! I am so stuck with my weight loss right now it is driving me crazy. I did so well yesterday and then had bunco last night and just blew it! So I am back at it today. Trying to lower my carb intake but not depriving myself of carbs. I am really considering joining a gym-but really need one that doesn't require a contract and one that provides daycare. I think it'd be great for me and the kids. I get some alone time to do something great for myself and the kids will get to play.

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Scale Junkie said...

I think if you are able to join a gym you should go for it. I'm having luck with calorie cycling, I wrote about it last tuesday if you want to check out that post. It helped me break a four month long plateau, it takes some working out but it does work.